Water chicken

Submitted by enr on 12 Apr 2010
1 chicken
3 liters of cold water
4 tbsp salt
1 tbsp pepper
6 tbsp paprika
80 g flour
1 tsp chili powder
3 tsp cayenne pepper - cayenne
2 tsp garlic powder
400 ml sunflower oil
Water chicken
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Chicken cut into portions - may only be halved. In water were dissolved 4 tbsp salt and the chicken is left there for at least 4-5 hours, preferably overnight. Remove, flush thoroughly with water and dry. Spices and flour mix, rub the chicken with the mixture and fry in sunflower oil over medium heat - first to the side with the skin about 3 minutes, then turn and fry another 10 minutes. Serve with garnish optional. * panada can be mixed in a stable plastic bag. Chicken portions are placed in the bag and shake so panada stick evenly. * by soaking the meat becomes very juicy. * Spices are exemplary, can be altered, it is only necessary to have a sufficient amount to form a crust.
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12 Apr 2010


Probably can be done only with the white meat of chicken, right?

It'll probably be. Sliced ​​chicken pieces are just some of the white meat and still are very very juicy. Good luck:-)

Thank you ...

Rally, I often do with crumbs of bread sticks and crackers, children are thrown away somewhere in the kitchen. If you use bread crumbs instead of flour? Or must be finer?

I think for frying is not a problem, but when you mix it with spices, they will fall, ie breadcrumbs as big will be on top and spices below. Be careful to distribute evenly the chicken. The recipe is one of our favorite so juicy meat is not obtained in any other way :)

Thank Rally. Will try soon and will share the results.

I did it with a meal though. Great recipe! Very fast, very easy and very tasty! Will do often. All home licking their fingers. Thank you, Rally!

I'm glad my dear, that you have decided to try and that you liked the result :)

It will be juicy, but will be at the expense of water pumping so chickens.

It is not juicy expense, but because of the water. This method you do it at home and you control what you put in the water. Furthermore not doing it under pressure to increase the weight double and triple for commercial purposes, not put glutamate and sorts chemistries. Tissue of chicken covered by water and salt held it - there is nothing harmful in it. Juicy chicken becomes and remains juicy - without chemistry, without fraud, homemade :)

We really liked this chicken. Great camp, I only lyutichkoto I saved him for the children. Wonderful recipe!

Mariana, I'm glad that the recipe is more your taste :) Children naturally saves piquant forgery, but the important thing is that you like :)

What part of the meat should be in oil when fried? You do not become very fat?

About half of the meat must be submerged in oil. Whether panada will be soaked with fat or will zapecheta and is crispy, depends on the temperature of the oil. The oil must be so hot dipped handle of a wooden lachitsa, toothpick or wooden skewer to start making bubbles for 2-3-4 seconds. This applies not only to this recipe, and everything fried. After removing frying food can be absorbed with paper towels. Good luck to you sweet :)

Clearly, many blagodapya you to see kokvo will izmaystopya! :)

Here's him and my *Water Chicken* is very tasty and mostly juicy! :)

I delight that the chicken is your taste :) appetizing picture, thank you very much!

Can you tell me whether it will go with homemade chicken?

You best know how long to cook this homemade chicken if you cook regularly currents. But I think that if the chicken is home broilers where watching two months and slaughtered, you will need to remove the bone and then breaded. And if it is annual, never cooked or should it pre-cooked. Try tasty it is!

With chicken BIO-quality, viewed freely without chemistries, genetically manipulated feed and so on.. Becomes no difference in technology and preparation time. But whether such bio-chicken is equally domestic - do not know. See Snezha very nice you responded - if you cook regularly poultry, you best know any differences in time. If you do try - write a review to know. Good luck :)

Thank you for your answers, I'll write when I made :) But I can not compare, homemade chicken bought from the store, because I've never cooked store-bought and do not know how long it. But think of homework he needs more time to process. And I wonder whether to pre-boil the meat, and then to prepare a recipe?