Summer apple layered cake with cookies

Submitted by enr on 17 Aug 2009
4-5 green apples
400 g sour cream
20 g butter
250-300 g cocoa biscuits
1 1/2 - 2 cups sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
Summer apple layered cake with cookies
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The bottom of the circular shape is smeared with butter and cover with a layer of cocoa biscuits. Sprinkle crushed biscuits so that the bottom can be covered tightly. Apples are peeled, cleaned and grinded. Sprinkle with cinnamon and half of the sugar and mix well. Biscuits on Apply thick layer of half the apples. Sour cream is poured into a bowl and mix with remaining sugar. Half is applied in the form on apples. Again line up in one layer biscuits, grated apples and cream. Smooth the surface and the cake allowed to stand in a refrigerator for 24 hours.
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17 Aug 2009
Bon Appetit - Carla Rahal


Ina :) how do you think you will stand for 24 hours? :) There is no one to leave her-head with me, ha, ha. Appetizing sounds, while easy. To favorites goes.

I completely understand! I will withhold - I'm not so much sweet, I'm more salty things. But daughter and grandson! These days I am going to do an ordinary biscuit cake with milk cream, but will do without knowing, and at least 12 hours to stand. After all, why cook - is tasty at all. And above recipe is very easy. I think I'll try and drained yogurt. For heat will be much better.

Very tasty look bravo!

Very easy and delicious seems. Bravo! Goes to Favorites, before you even try. Once again well done!

And what must have cookies (tea, plain or others. )?

Cocoa seepage are tea biscuits. You can avail any kind of soft biscuits. With simple rules I did not, but I guess that will happen - it will absorb the juice of apples and cream. You should try it.

The cake is great, I've had similar only in bowls of cream biscuits before they appoint dunk them in lukewarm coffee and range Inca

Your idea is very good! Just individual serving.

very light and delicious cake! I replaced the sour cream with sour milk containing 4, 5% and sweetened with strawberry jam! We like!

The cake is great! Very quick to prepare and so delicious :)

t3di, really easy and I'm glad you liked it! :)

Big cake! Very tasty, light and juicy! Thanks for the recipe!

mimetics, I am very glad that you are happy with the cake! Your picture is great! :)

Ina, this was my favorite cake! Three times I'm doing :)

Great! So not in vain have I shared the recipe for this simple cake Carla Rahal. :)

Very tasty, light and fast cake! According to my taste, a little bit of sugar.

Gerry, of course, that every taste :) I'm glad you liked the! :)

And what it is summer ?! This was our New Year's cake :)

mimetics, right! Now there are apples whole year, so nothing prevents this light cake can be made at any time! :)

Ina, the cake is very nice! Light, tasty, prepared quickly! There was no chance, however, to survive 24 hours in the refrigerator (I could protect her only half a day) :)

Rennie as you managed to protect it - so! Just been more crispy! :) I was reminded of it, it is for each season, although it is called *summer*. Thank you for the picture! Is great! :)

This time I made it only with two rows biscuits (not shattered them, ordering them targets). And my apples are green, slightly acidic (unlike the first time). They cake is more beautiful :) Ina, thanks to shared recipe! :)

Reni it that you are doing the second time in one month is the best estimate of this easy cake! Looks very fresh with these apples! :)

I really want to do this cake and have a question. Apples should know before to drain or put after Grate?

And another question, does it matter what the sugar (powdered or plain)

I'm not wring apples. I think this particular juice is needed to become a juicy cake. Sugar is plain.

Daffy, used plain granulated sugar. It melts from the juice of apples and cream; Apples are grated and drained. I hope soon to otchetesh to make a cake! :)Mimetics, thanks for additions, while I turn! :)

Thanks for answering :). I made the cake and really very tasty and most importantly is lighter. Next week I do it again;-).

Daffy, it's great that you are happy with the cake! Hope photos of the next cooking! :)

Svezharska light, tasty and easy to prepare ... I have no more to add.

Roxy, I'm glad that everything is fine and you liked the dessert! :)

Very, very tasty cake! Thank tillia for shared recipe! Very easy and quick to prepare ... and for eating :)

cream that is its advantage; stands not only quickly eats, but quickly made! :)