Pita Sun with cheese

Submitted by enr on 27 Nov 2010
about 1-1.2 kg flour
14 g of dry yeast or 40 g fresh
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
300 ml milk
250 ml warm water
3 eggs
200 g feta cheese (optional)
150 g butter (or sunflower oil, margarine or lard)
1 tbsp sunflower oil
Pita Sun with cheese
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Sift the flour, it placed dry yeast, salt and sugar and mix well (if yeast is fresh is triturated with a little hot water, dusted with a small amount of sugar and flour, stirred, and allowed to rise in a warm until the effervescent is then poured in the flour). Make a well and pour it into two beaten eggs and whites of the third, milk, water and the oil. Messi until soft dough that does not stick to hands. Place in a bowl sprinkled with flour and leave to rise in a warm place until doubled in volume. Then the dough is knead lightly little flour and divided into three balls. Round tray smeared and sprinkle with flour. Each ball is rolled into a circle the size of the tray. Place the first sheet in the tray, smeared with plenty of fat (butter, sunflower oil, margarine or lard), optional can Sprinkle crumbled feta cheese. Place second crust and again smeared with oil and sprinkle with feta cheese. Finally, a third peel. In the middle of the tray is placed a cup with a larger opening, and is pressed to the bottom. Rest around the cup dough is cut into triangles, each one is taken with plenty greased hands, rolled on a roll from acute to the butt and back into the tray with the closed edge down. When ordered all buns removable cup. Tray with the pita is allowed to rise again in a warm place. After the increase in volume is brushed with beaten up with a little sunflower oil and milk yolk third egg and placed in a preheated 200 C oven, after five minutes the oven was reduced to 160 C and the pita is baked to standby, approximately 40 minutes (check with a wooden skewer). If necessary, if it starts too early to quite browned on top put a piece of aluminum foil. * It is important that all products at room temperature and the room in which interfere the pita is warm.
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27 Nov 2010


Milencha, do the same cake several times-is gorgeous. Great recipe!

Thank you, I know it by my mother when I was small she did so mostly for the New Year.

Very interesting and easy option for forming the cake.

Milencha, good idea for the cup, which reminds me that the Bulgarian is very creative, although no comfort women from the west.

Thank you, akva7! Cup really is a great help as my ceiling is not very large and always before my muffins became more than can fit in her bread could not rise well and the result was not very good. Since I do with the cup can not decide exactly how to cut the triangle and everything is in action.

Great bread, good, excellent 6 Milena, will do a second time.

I'm glad you liked the recipe! Thank you for the good ratings! Enjoy your meal!

Milencha other day I worked on it, but I forgot to photograph it. I put sirentse- became super :)

Annie, and I do mostly with cheese, really takes a little longer, but it is very tasty. I am glad that you liked the you in this way!

cake is really good - my recipe is from my mother in law. Instead of hot water I use yogurt. Furthermore, when you knead the dough beat about 100 times in the table. That is. Tamper - hit series 20. So it becomes very fluffy and thread after baking :)

Thanks for the recipe! Prepared her about tonight became superb!

Milencha, I also do such wonders, only the cup in January set only to determine the circle and triangles / which are more and more narrow / do not digress from it and twist them around their axes while pulling, gently twist it and really like the sun.

but can I just cut into triangles and so be baked and looks like cheese cake, without making the buns

Probably can, try.

Eli_M, very beautiful and effective is your bread! Bravo! Can you explain how you did *the sun*?

unique wonders - as a picture is

Hello Nelly! I apologize for today only answer your question in shaping my version of bread Sun, but long ago I had been in the recipe. After rising and kneading the dough well divide it into two parts. Every Frame a ball and rolled into circle debelima about 5 mm. grease thoroughly with butter and sprinkle with Cheese, but can do without it - the result of too great. Rolled and cut both ends, which makes set in the center of the baking pan as florets. The rest of the roll cut across slices with a width of about 1-1, 5 cm, but not to the end, so as not to fall apart during transportation roll in the baking pan and turn around at the end of florets baking pan. If you are rolled thinner and roll becomes longer and thinner can be cut a little roses to be placed in the middle. I usually use a pan with a diameter of 26 cm and is well not be very shallow. I wish success and would expect and some pictures :)!

Eli, thank you very much for the comprehensive answer!

I made it across izminzlata Sunday- put cheese in large lumps as he loves his family mini- became pitkata- and incredible taste and kind, a person of no words- before the steaks are spoiled pitkata- but I let it rise once all the dough and having placed it in the baking pan already oformena- again to rise, but not try to put in a cold oven, as it says here, because I think if I had put in a hot oven would have to rise even further! Otherwise, the arrangement of the pieces were done so: roll it cut into small triangles, about 3-4 fingers wide at the bottom and most importantly to cut identical pieces thickness not blighted one and remain raw others as I flushed it put a piece of alum. foil and ... Amami! Thanks for the recipe!

I'm glad you liked the recipe. That is done before the steaks is a great compliment :)! I also leave the loaf to rise twice, so I have suggested in the recipe. I think that if you put in a cold oven will drop this better be heated. As always bake cakes, make them in this technology.

Milenka recipe is super! I add in filling and eggs.

Valya, I'm glad you like cake! I have not tried eggs, but it will become even more delicious, blogadarya giving me this idea!

Great recipe! I always add eggs in the filling as make tortillas with cheese.

is very nice. Bravo

I would say excellent, but there is no such assessment, get me a huge, fluffy cake as if her son mercy to shoot, you will see it - beauty. I wonder you made it?

Girls, thank you for the nice comments! Natalka, good to excellent results! I will do it tomorrow, I hope my to plunk that sometimes, when you most want, do not get things. I wouldnt buy a nice yeast, but we'll see ...

Girls recipe is wonderful! Right not to believe that I created this great! Thank you for helping me happy family, and be proud of yourself!

Amazing bread, congratulated the author!

Happy Nativity! Milencha again occurred with delicious bread. This was already my recipe. Thank you!

Natalka, I'm glad you liked it! Merry Christmas to you!

Hello cheerful chefs! As a young, still studying, but filled with enthusiasm chef, first made bread sun in this recipe. The form is not received as I wanted, but the taste was superb and eat fast fast! And upload photos. Thanks for the recipe!

I'm glad you liked the cake! I think its shape is very good, at least in the picture looks like.

Hello, I made bread twice already, it was great, only made it half dose. Much liked by all, I strongly recommend to try it!

Enjoy your meal! I, too, if you do in a small baking pan products reduce halfway to rise

lovely cake! Made bread with cheese and salami. Finally, sprinkled with parsley. Thanks for the good recipe.

Again an excellent result! Thanks Milencha !!

Natalka, beautiful cake you've done it again!

Very good recipe. :)

Thanks for the recipe! Bread was very tasty! I changed a little form! :)

Bread for my name day! Be healthy!

Congratulations, girls! Day of the Blessed Virgin and the Christian family to bring all semeysttva good health, happiness and good luck! Bread is delicious!

It was an incredibly delicious, aromatic and great bread. It was worth taking the time for preparation. Thank you for sharing this great recipe! :)

Bread for the name day of my husband Nicky made with love! Alive and well, we can!

Reni, as always made with love! ;) Do you alive Nicky! :)

Bobby, thank you very much for your kind words!