Bread with feta cheese and egg

Submitted by enr on 15 Nov 2003
2 slices of bread
150 g feta cheese
egg 1
Bread with feta cheese and egg
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The feta cheese is shredded and mixed with egg. The slices are coated with a little butter on them and distributes the mixture. Baked under the grill. Ready sandwiches can sprinkle with paprika, colorful salt, curry or spices to taste.
Very easy
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15 Nov 2003


Very delicious and easy sandwiches made magic when you make them favorite girl :)

Super is, but the good old princesses with cheese and egg. :)))

This toast them know of the mother in law. My daughters just love them.

These are famous princesses who learned from her grandmother. Only that I add and cheese :) It still delicious! :)

Plenty of sandwiches like these, but I do them after a complex mixture with a piece domatentse cut into circle on top, then baked on grill and becomes irresistibly tasty. Try and you;)

sandwiches are super! Especially when sprinkled with a little savory ..

And I put a little savory in the mixture, they are great!

But this is a classic in the genre breakfast :) bravo on!

morning such princesses did, but I added red pepper and savory. Become quite spicy :)

almost every morning I eat only those slices that necessarily savory and glass of milk :)

morning ate four such 2 chillies very good try

Wonderful zakuschitsa :)