Lazy kozunak

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1 kg of flour, you may need a little more
27 g yeast powder or 90 g fresh
250 ml milk, slightly warmed
4 vanilla
zest of 1 large orange
8 g mahlep
5 eggs
200-300 g of sugar (to your taste)
200 g butter, melted at room temperature
1 egg yolk, beaten with 2 tbsp sunflower oil and 1 tbsp milk
sprinkling of almonds, sugar
Lazy kozunak
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Titled my kozunak * lazy * because deciding to save time and I saved a lot of preparations about performing a traditional recipe for kozunak. I will explain what I mean. Ah, if my mother read this somewhere its recipe in my performance ... So, not pre-activated yeast, I decided to try the procedure, which prepare bread. In a deep pot, 2 times thoroughly sifting the flour, yeast added the vanilla, grated orange peel and mahlepa (here kozunak without this spice is not prepared) messed up everything. During this time Beat well eggs to whiten and sugar dissolved in warm milk. I postoplyam plenty to completely melt the sugar and whisk the eggs until gradually cool to the desired temperature - slightly higher than the body. To the sifted flour in the middle, slowly add the milk with melted in it sugar, beaten eggs well (as all products need to be warmed slightly) and half of the butter. Knead gently smooth dough. As flour - eye judge if necessary and just over kilogram me needed. Flour varies depending on the size of the eggs. Then without interfering spreading dough mazhem with butter and folded to a bag without interfering more mazhem butter and folded. Do not worry, if not undertaken all the butter, it will happen in souring, then absorb the fat. Finally hitting the countertop 100 times ... and here I kept the tradition ... just as prepared baking tin left to rest and quickly cut into strips with greased hands left lane turning left and right of the right and tangled up, giving form that desire. So ready kozunaks left in the oven at 40C while ponaduyat coated with the mixture spreads, sprinkled with sugar and ground walnuts, in the case of Peko and upper and lower wire of 150- 160C, as I watched them. Finally, when already to my great surprise and it was blowing a lot and poluopecheni, let the fan to catch and better color. Apply and photos with the result. * Do kozunaks of 13 years and has something inside me said that besides the conventional way and mnooooogo time, there is another. Well, I hope it is this or our lifetime will learn and remember - * Repetition is the mother of knowledge!*. * With me were received from rectangular aluminum shapes - 4 small. * Attention cooks for me technique and preparation, and actual baking, check whether they are baked with a wooden skewer and toast to remain moist and not dry. * Envy always after cooling with fsunflower fresh oil, sometimes harvesting and in the freezer and then the kozunak smells as if you had just baked.
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21 Apr 2013


What is mahlepi and what to replace it if you do not find it?

Mahleb is very popular spice in Arabic cuisine; made from the ground stones of special salt and cherries just that smells of cherries.In the Middle East is used for the preparation of bakery products, and in European and American cuisine - for Christmas cookies and sladkishi.http: //

is the link if you want to order it ..

Sirena, to me took such a spice shop for spices, tea and herbs around City Market. But otherwise:* Mahlab or mahlepi is an aromatic spice from the seeds of varieties of cherry St Lucie Cherry. Cherry stones are broken and extracted seeds are ground. Describe the scent as a combination of bitter almond and cherry.
I heard some guy woody fragrance - cinnamon and allspice sort. I tried to mix ground cinnamon and allspice flavor with cherry and almond, pretty much get this flavor. Aroma and is strong in ground state, but developed after baking.
Widespread in the Mediterranean and parts of the Middle East. In Greece called μαχλέπι (mahlepi) and is used in sweets and breads rich yeast cakes and biscuits, the Christmas cake and Easter cake Vasilopita Tsoureki. In Cyprus called mehlepi and used in the special Easter pie with curd called φλαούνες (flaounes). In Armenia used to flavor traditional Easter bread - cheoreg. In the Middle East and Asia Minor put in breads and cookies.
Gained increasingly popularity in America and Europe, for fine flavor used in oil cakes with fresh fruit.

sale of beans or ready ground, I prefer to digest it and make sure it is mahlepi.

Girls, thank you that you have answered Natalie before me. Summer saw that BG has izklyuchitelnomnogo spices already, so no chance no mahlepi. If no port. grated rind, vanilla, I put myself.

Dianka, absolute rights. Besides preparing the cake the traditional, complicated and mysterious, full of symbolic procedures way there easy, everyday way :) He removes the halo of the complex *cake* and makes delicious baked accessible to everyone. The secret of the cake is that to give it time to rise and form large air bubbles. The dough is stretched just wicks and twist or entangled - but it's enough to make thread, because pulling hands stretching bubble. However, if you start squashing and meddle again and again without being aware of where they come from strings, and you risk not to achieve them. I also make cakes without reason, throughout the year and I happened to become without threads. And also any other bakers do thread - muffins, cakes, and one last monkey bread - just to check the veracity of the theory. Dough interfere with the Iron Lady, while up on the hook, not more (more and it can not). And on mahlepa - be careful with the dosage! I some time ago I put something generous and cakes were amazing, at least not me so much I smelled that it ate them! This year I'm going to try to put the ink, but I did not know how to do it. Give savvy how dissolves :)

I combine mahlepa with cardamom, vanilla and ink, so I was taught the Greeks, is now ready and sachets of vanilla and ink, ground cardamom in a pack of 1 dose cakes, but I do not know whether there is in Bulgaria.

Alia ink was digested with less sugar is not soluble I do so 1 / 2k. l cardamom + 1 / 2k. l ink + 1c. l mahlep + 1c. l. sugar and grind them, this is the dose for 1 kg flour.

I already have mahlepi, girls, thanks for the explanation, was only trying to do.

Flower in what digest it? Grinder I have no need to question about whether someone has. Ever thought dissolves, do not know why ... A cardamom what, how come he left in spoons? Only beans you?

I use a machine to grind coffee, I use only beans mahlep, cardamom and ink but there ready ground, mastihata grind with a little sugar, bring me cake bought from Cyprus and was made with cardamom and vanilla and many I liked it. By using mahlep is 5 g per 1 kg of flour as Diana wrote, but mahlepa combined with cardamom, vanilla and ink is something amazing.

I do a lot of cakes and every time not grind to play, so do all of the grain that is 2 s. L mahlep + 1c. l. cardamom + 10 g. mastitis +2 with. l. sugar digest well and put in a jar. Use of 500 grams. flour that is about half the dose cake, put on 1. l. Of finished GROUND. Add vanilla and 2 lemon zest and orange.

Here's a picture number 4 and cardamom, are beans. If ground even easier for you, will only mastihata brave.

Izvinyavai Dianka quite written in your recipe.

I am glad that you wish to add your opinion and experience, be sure that they are appreciated especially by me, and you yourself, Flower! More hosts use and ink, the most interesting is that only grows on our island, but especially here I do not use, or in other recipes often ...There is a belief that mastihata tears of a saint who passed along the southern part of the island and there are precisely grown trees. It is a symbol of the island of Chios, as to the therapeutic properties and is known for centuries.

Mastihata really is the symbol of the island of Chios, there was born and my mother in law, father in law is my Valley of the Butterflies Rhodes, two amazing places I have not visited, noble envy you're there.

Today after work kneaded cakes, a minute ago, I pulled them out of the oven. Wonderful taste, their appearance is great, the taste I have not tried yet - burn, but the outcome is expected. Dianka, thanks for shared recipe, thank Rally and flowers for shared experiences. You learned new and useful things.

Natalie, I'm glad that you tried, I'm glad that I was able to contribute joy to the eye ... and I hope cool and stomach! Thanks for the nice words!

flowers, I'm glad we have some common ground with you. Both islands are a beautiful sight to the eye, truly a quality of life for a peaceful and beautiful place!

The recipe is very accurate and the result is a fragrant and gorgeous. Became really amazing cake. Thanks for the recipe. Unable to resist to try. Natalia, if you do not let pictures, I will put. I made a half dose and added marmalade, mahlepi, vanilla and grated lime peels. Became even more quickly, as is the recipe I put the dough to rise 40 C in the oven.

ma_rri_na, and so I do not resist and try ... sometimes super recipes, sometimes not exactly as expected, but you should try ,, otherwise never feel neither taste nor smell. This is the basic recipe, of course, and I asked not tired add delight, chocolate, jam and cinnamon with walnuts ... at all a matter of taste, I'm glad you liked the recipe ... and that is possible in this fast-paced life, to prepare quickly, easily and often loved recipes this aim precisely.

This is the recipe for me! I do not fall in complex work, and I long to prepare homemade cake. It remains only to get a mahlepi and on weekends will be unleashed. If someone from Sofia to say whether there is in shops around the female market or elsewhere. I collected amount recipes for testing (rolls with Turkish delight of Borisova, Moroccan meatballs Ralitsa, kishcheta with chorizo ​​of mom, etc.), But diet does not allow, now maaalko will break. Thank you, Diana.

Dianka how long knead the dough, I do not like to have meat machine, but I want to try it your way. Marina very beautiful cake you made and I will try with half the dose of hand you have it or interfere with the machine. I dough by this method vtasvam it in the oven or on the balcony if it is 40 degrees-out.

BlueCaramel ...I am glad that complexity will remain a myth about the preparation of cakes. And in FB prepared hosts, even cakes are not brewed ... and the result was there and fluffy and fragrant cakes ...Easter is coming and ... diet to wait a little.

ma_rri_na, great photos, I hope and taste are excellent! Flowers do not interfere much. I do not use the machine, I robot, but I prefer naraka because kneading itself is reduced to form a smooth dough and gently, and the robot until it forms a ball.

naturally tried only one tipped but really with mahlepi acquire a different flavor. My machine was busy with leavened bread, so Messi first plugin dough mixer.
My meal was about 400 g, put 14 g dry yeast and Messina about 15 minutes, until the dough started to become of hives. Then doizmesih hand with another 200-300 grams of flour just until the dough is sticky stop. Folding butter did that as is puff pastry first envelope, slightly raztochih hands of a rectangle, then folded into three rectangle rotated 90 degrees again raztochih hands of a rectangle, and again folded three - about 5 - 6 times.
Divided into 3 balls raztochih of fitilche each, put on each length of wick orange marmalade and twisting rope.
After plaited braid directly put in the form greased with margarine and let it rest for 40 C.
Peko 160 C by using the lower of the oven so. My oven is divided into two by a divider, heated only from below and the fan distributes heat. So the cake prevent burning on top.

I prepared the cake in this recipe, as I made it even more lazy - I mixed the flour with the yeast and mahleba separately warmed milk with butter, sugar and orange peel. Eggs smashed cold from the refrigerator. In Beating machines hook dry ingredients, put half the milk, then egg and then the other half milk. Stir only until he began to come off the walls and left to rise. Sumptuous cakes were amazing thread. Souring took about an hour and fifteen minutes. Peko as you describe. I did direct a double dose to 6 large the cake, as I gave 4 and 2 are for us. The recipe is great and my way and very easy;) Thanks a lot, Dianka that share it!

Bravo Raleigh, I will do tomorrow and this recipe yesterday and today I do my recipe, beautiful cakes you've done.

RALLY, bravo very glad that you liked the recipe, great pictures!

For the second time I've made the recipe, I did exactly the recipe I added extra cardamom and ink, Messi just two minutes and gave up, put the dough mixing machine for 15 minutes, rastlah and oil lubrication as a recipe, sliced scissors for easier knife fail each wick twisted and tangled up, warmed oven and left to rise. I put in more dough than half butter, eggs my medium caliber and do not need to add flour when kneading the dough does not stick to hands covered with oil not add flour, cake dough should be soft. The final result of the appearance is fantastic, I have not tried because fast. For me, this recipe is six multimillion Didi has such recipes to let her go.

I'll go and photos now rise for cakes.

dideoxy, cakes are so delicious that we can not stop eating, lol! On each pass one chupva less, one end on the same day, the other now unishtshtozhava :) I wonder if the strings to shoot, I did not believe there could be such a structure! Flower, imagine how smells to you, our country is still stuck aroma of fresh cakes :) By the way - I do not need to slime hands, the dough was soft, but not sticky. I forgot to say that I put scraping inside of two pods vanilla flavor is just unique :)

Flowers and RALLY, but why pick a lot of what recipe to get ... there are many recipes, but recipes, which over the years have found a permanent place in the books ... should be kept by us - young . I can only let me enjoy these reviews ... as to chipping of the rally ... and I TSVETI fast ... today and Friday and oil ... so that on Saturday after church and mageritsa and cake will eat with the largest appetite and pleasure! RALLY, in the same spirit ... not me upreknesh that you upload some gram hahaha

all week without oil and Saturday night mageritsa which I do not like but then I was very tasty. Raleigh dough knead it you combine operators and therefore no need to maznesh hands, and I tried to interfere unsuccessful and the second minute I put it in the machine last night kneaded the first dose, the second dose in the morning now bake. And you Didi many kisses easy recipe. And Raleigh kissing her I gained courage began to do them. And I do not offend other all of the cheerful cook kisses and happy holidays. Now the recipe is in the Libyan air for all Bulgarians, and see when the recipe will be stolen by thieving site for the woman!

I want to boast that I made two fluffy kozunacheta. Are unique, one prepekoh it, the other is white. Thanks Didi for easy rutsepta, filled her by right and get, I also used the machine. :)

Girls mahlepi not found the Women's market, watched me as fossil wherever asked, so it will grip without mahlepi. I guess I can do it and put it in the form in the refrigerator and bake it tomorrow, because you trust him now will eat it! I love cake. And little pospamya: since I found this site do not use other sources. Culinary read blogs, but in most of the sites have incorrect recipes and photos without a foreign source. Thanks again to Diana.

BlueCaramel, my friend today it without mahleb brought to Qusay and also a great taste! Very aromatic! Dideoxy, and congratulated her for the nice recipe :)

Thank you, girls rally girlfriend, snow, BlueCaramel confidence. By Greece in Libya, Bulgaria to Germany ... eeee, glorious became Lazy my cake!

This is my first cake is perfect: thread, incredible aroma and taste! Huge THANKS to Diana!

I'm starting him and I, except those spices will hardly find them today ... will use lemon and vanilla. Diana to be alive and healthy that we get rid of stress around the cake :)

BlueCaramel, your feedback can only make me happy, and in this tutorial. One big Bravo and me! daniski, Wieden that you're away from home and ... Lazy my cake continues to *fly*. To be alive and well, and of course thanks and my confidence! Cheerful and unforgettable Easter!

Thank you, Diana, it is in the US and here I generally have all, if you know where to look:) I gently activated the yeast that was fresh and I wanted to be sure she was alive, and I think now rises to plait 6 braids to see what will bring. Will upload photos must! Upload a recipe and in Faisal :)

will be fielded mandatory. Thanks for the recipe

After so successful attempts, and I decided to try the recipe, but it bothers me the amount of yeast. Is a 90d or 27d fresh dry for 1 kg flour technical error, or is it put so?

I put 30 g of dry yeast, not a bug, there are not as sugar in the bread.

Great, there was no cake. Bessel Holidays

joyous celebration to be alive and healthy Dianka. The cake is divine.

become super delicious 4 kozunacheta! Thanks for the recipe! Do cake for the first time!

Girls thank these words can only make me happy at all wholeheartedly wish health and Easter, filled with love, humor and unforgettable memories!