Kapama - luxury

Submitted by enr on 08 Feb 2009
4 pork chops ham
2 steaks chicken
2 steaks, chicken ham
200 g fresh mushrooms
5-6 sviski ribs
1-2 raw smoked sausage
100 g smoked processed cheese
1 cup white wine
ground cumin
ground pepper
1-2 Allspice
uni sauce
soy sauce
1 dried pepper
1 cup water
Kapama - luxury
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All the meat is seasoned with spices - cumin, salt, pepper, and uni soy sauce. The bottom of the clay casseroles are arranged ribs and any kind of meat. Add sliced ​​mushrooms, chunks processed cheese and so consistently all products. Top put a dried pepper to taste, allspice and pour the wine and water. Optional top can and pieces of cheese. Replace lid and possibly sealed with dough. Casseroles are put in the pan and put in a cold oven. Bake at medium heat for about 2 hours.
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08 Feb 2009


Bravo! Certainly very tasty.

Well done, very tasty look!

Ah, why read it. I will not have the patience to do it.

Make kapama and will not regret it :)

Yesterday I did - assessment *Fantastico*. Very tasty! Only instead of pork ribs, put pork bellies - has become an incredible meal ..

there is no way to not tasty

When you get a chance, try this Kapama, maybe a little poizmenish.

Wow what hit. Will try it mandatory.

Christmas is coming and will be done, I add row sauerkraut leaves and stuffed peppers with beans.

Looks great! Bravo!

Super going! I've rule but row meat row stuffed vine leaves without finishing with melted cheese bacon. Try SUPER EEEEEEEEEEE!

I love to cook in a pot. Now my sister-in-law for Christmas gave me a pretty big goals-10l. All made in it is delicious!

exe super recipe .. my wife comes from sailing and rejoice over this culinary .. Thank you! :-)

Takaaa ... Now bought pork. It will cut into slices. I have a top of the chicken legs / here said Muslim /. Bought and smoked pork ribs, but with a lot of meat. I took and bacon. From Chinatown and buy mushrooms ... I wanted to put a little sauerkraut, but, as I have ... Greetings from Buenos Aires ...!

Very tasty look! I liked the recipe for Christmas. la. Rioja, to send a little sauerkraut ?!

Only to ask everything in the raw state there is flesh in December ...

Yes, raw are - put boldly. This is a feature of kapama, things are cooked long and slow, so are delicious :)

Today, on Christmas, I made it, plus all of the recipe and added leaves, and at the bottom I put chopped sauerkraut -neveroyatno delicious camp!

and I added 2-3 potatoes, everything became superior

became very tasty, good for the recipe.

just did not understand any fat tribute saga

It depends on what is the meat and how much fat you eat - can add extra fat. I personally would put it as a recipe, but it is a matter of taste.

2:00 would not be a bit

and baking pan cadets put casseroles puts you water

*Top put a dried pepper to taste, allspice and pour the wine and water* - that the issue of water. Time - if not for two hours ready, it bake until ready.