Cocoa balls of biscuits

Submitted by enr on 18 Dec 2009
660 g biscuits (2 packages Breakfast)
250 ml milk
100 g butter
5 tbsp chocolate spread
2-3 tbsp cocoa
rum essence optional
50 g walnuts optional
3 tbsp caster sugar optional
Cocoa balls of biscuits
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Biscuits crushed well, to become like breadcrumbs. To these are added the crushed walnuts (optional) and cocoa. In a separate pot melt the butter, milk, the chocolate spread, powdered sugar (optional, if you want to be very sweet). After removing from the fire flavored rum (optional), all stir and gradually pour over crushed biscuits with constant stirring. If the mixture is still dry, you can add a little more milk. Finally, wet your hands and form balls which optional can be rolled in coconut, cocoa sticks, crushed crackers, walnuts and others. I make them two types: 1) cocoa to become brown; 2) without cocoa to remain white, with a flavor of rum for a different taste.
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18 Dec 2009


Great, very long time looking for the recipe for these cookies. Thank tomorrow will give them a try.

With great pleasure them do these sweets. They are so easy to prepare and delicious ... and effective. Bravo for the idea!

Splendid sweet. Just no words to describe them. . . Fast, easy and very tasty. Thanks for the wonderful recipe :)

Mmmm but any ideas how easily crushed biscuits?

Nina, very easy - you put them in a clear plastic bag to see if there remained nedotrosheno piece, and with a rolling pin / if thicker becomes easier / or possibly with bottle them *boring*. It's quick and size as you want. Good luck!

Put b's in a plastic bag and top pressing bottle or jar, so cookies are pulverized. And can be ground with a mix of Zepter, with trimmer minced coffee, a blender and others. similar devices.

My proposal is the most simple crushing. However, as I have a manual machine for biscuits left over from my mother; can with orehomelachka; with new appliances - ovens and so on.

sweet and I have to sit in the refrigerator to firm?

climbed a photo a long time ago and I have forgotten how to write were delicious is spectacular every ball was passed through el. Balance to RD are the same for my husband were all very like them :) 2 from big bags Cookies breakfast Biały and 2 brown balls came pretty :)

are wonderful by joining two with pine needles. Resemble chereshkiV

There is no such delicious simple!