Nadupeni potatoes

Submitted by enr on 27 May 2009
6-7 baby potatoes
vegetable seasoning, vegetable bouillon cube, vegeta or other spices of your choice
Nadupeni potatoes
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Kartofchetata are washed and dried well. Sectioned 2 length and line up in the pan. Sprinkle with spices and put a piece of butter on each half. Bake mode.
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27 May 2009


Tsure, dried dill you put?

In our region put no oil and slaninka or so-called bacon

I had dried dill, but if you put fresh and will also become tastier.

I also put a little chubrichka and red pepper ...

Very tasty, but now there is no fresh and long in the tooth to get :)

When the recipe is made with old potatoes, they are flooded with `1 cup milk.

These fries are very tasty!

Now they have prepared.I poured them with milk as advised veins, but added a little turmeric and garlic powder before serving while hot cheese!They are great !!

This recipe taught her last summer we had a bungalow, great quick side dish to barbecue is! I scramble red and black pepper, salt, savory and any other spice have on hand dunk unpeeled potatoes from razryanata side in the mixture and uttering them in a buttered baking dish. Top put masaltse and bake. I had not remembered to them grated cheese, but certainly very tasty, thanks for the idea!

Great recipe! These home fries them know as turtles!

These are our favorite potato! When I use old, first blanch them and then roast them. Are wonderful!

Try to make their top sections, even if they are old, baked perfectly and does not need to blanch them.

Next time I will make them so.

Try and write the result :). I advise you not to peel, are very tasty as bake with crackling.

milena75, the result is great!

are Amazing! While roasting aroma floated that the photo can not show :)

These are your favorite potato home. Do them at every opportunity. Do not put any fat. Roll fries in spices, arrange on baking paper and bake. And with crone becomes perfect, even more often such use. Will take the idea to the milk.