Lazy apple strudel

Submitted by enr on 22 Oct 2008
# For the dough:
3 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
125 g butter
1 and 1/2 cup yogurt
2 cup flour (heaped)
1 packet of vanilla
10 g baking powder (1 packet)
# For the filling:
3-4 apples - grated
about 1 cup chopped walnuts
handful of semolina
Lazy apple strudel
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On products dough is mixed cake batter by nice break eggs with sugar until white set. Add the melted but not hot the butter and the agitation continues, add and yogurt and continuing the stirring. Put vanilla and added portions mixed and sifted with baking flour. Stir good and the mixture was divided into two. One half is poured into a greased and sprinkled with flour best rectangular pan, but in a round. On cake dough unroll apples, mixed with sugar, a little cinnamon and semolina. On apples sprinkled the walnuts and spread the filling on the other side of the cake batter. Place in preheated oven and bake until a toothpick sticking out (I use a wooden skewer) does not remain dough. When cooled down sprinkle with plenty of icing sugar. When I was a little more filling, so I put the top, her I distributed evenly sprinkled with walnuts and more confused with a fork to not burn my the walnuts, Zagladin and so baked. Peko on the second level of the fan 160 C about 50 minutes. It was very fast and succulent strudel - pastry.
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22 Oct 2008


From nice nice recipes person wondering what to do! Bravo!

sve_georgieva, thank you for the evaluation. Try it, I think you'll like strudel.

So do cake / without meal /. Bravo for the recipe, Pepolina. Will try it your way.

tillia, thank you. Hope you like it.

Today I did. Became great. Bravo for the recipe.

zuzkoto, I'm glad you liked strudel.

This strudel became favorite for all home. Ham easy, yet tasty. Well, apples naturally I did not shred them.

zuzkoto, I am very glad that you trust me recipes and even see that your favorite few. To be honest I scrape apples robot that nobody is scraped, otherwise all your eating.

Great, I ponamalih small dose because my pan is small.

This strudel already do every week. I had not thought of no longer blender and shred the apples by hand.

Zlatina, zuzkoto very glad that you like strudel and your fancy.

If there is anyone who has not tried it yet not wonder. Super is!

I have not tried, but I will trust you and will do it today. I'm sure and I'll get

fatme, strudel I hope you like it.

It was incredibly delicious cake. We like. Pepi thank you for the great recipe. BRAVO!

Desi, I am very glad that you liked the strudel. Eat him with health.

It was great. Thanks for the recipe. We like

jufa, I'm glad you liked the strudel. Eat him with pleasure and health.

It looks very tasty, but after these comments immediately to favorites! Pepi Bravo!

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Today I did, it is very tasty! Pepi, thank you for the great recipe!

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Very tasty cake out. Congratulations for the recipe!

neli. mag thank you for the evaluation and credibility to the recipe from a good cook like you it means a lot to me

I want to ask you, you without a meal, because I decided to do this strudel and at the moment I do not is home?

I think you can replace it with breadcrumbs. Meal without just put in the stuffing, but the author will say the best.

very tasty cake. Easy and successful recipe! I slowed down a little sugar and added a second with. L copper - and the flavor is incredible. Scrumptious became :)

sbt03, I'm glad you liked the strudel :) You know, that reminded me and I do one :)

shtrudelat was very tasty and aromatic. I put raisins in the stuffing. :)

miroslava123, I'm glad you liked strudel :) great idea for raisins :)

Vkusnoo! Thanks for the recipe! :)

Xrisi_Serafimova, I thank you for your trust! Glad you were tasty :)

Wonderful recipe. I did not have any meal or breadcrumbs, but also get a lot better.

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Thanks for the recipe, the cake became superb! Light and juicy, wonderful!

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Great recipe, mmm delicious bravo Pepi, all at home liked it :)

Ive, thank you for the trust sweetheart! Glad you were tasty :)

Incredibly delicious and flavorful cake ... I had no nuts, but without them became great! The whole building smelled of him, everyone asks me what smells so irresistible:) ... thanks for the recipe!

Pepi tell me how big pan, I decided to do it?

cake became perfect.

zorcho, thank you for your trust! Glad you were tasty :)

steffanell, I join you until you did. I apologize for the late inclusion and thank you for your trust my recipe. Alive and well!

great cake!

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