Potato grata Dofinoa

Submitted by enr on 04 Nov 2013
6-7 large potatoes
1 liter cooking cream
black pepper, salt
garlic powder
1 tbsp nutmeg (powder)
Potato grata Dofinoa
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Peel the potatoes and cut into very thin rings (2-3 mm thick). It ranks as one layer of potato slices in oilfree pan. Pour 200 ml cream and sprinkle with a little salt, pepper, dry grated garlic and grated nutmeg. Then arrange another layer of potatoes and repeat the same procedure. So while you receive a total of three layers of potatoes, cream and spices. Top pour what's left of your cream. The last layer of potatoes must be completely covered by the cream. Bake in the oven at 200C for about 50 minutes - 1 hour, depending on the variety of potatoes.
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04 Nov 2013


Mmmm, classic! Nutmeg is the best spice when it comes to katrofi with milk or cream! Incidentally, Nicoletta, *gratin* says a Bulgarian *baked* :) = gratinated baked. Probably will not believe this, but Bulgarise from Gratin has become even gratin, hihi :)

I wonder if I can do with condensed milk instead of cream ...

Why? Use the regular cream, no need for such additives.

@ Aliana - Thank you for the Bulgarian translation :) a long time since I returned home in Bulgaria and I missed a lot of stages of our modernized Bulgarian cuisine. True that as often now say *zapekanka* :)

@ BlueCaramel - I personally have tried other recipes and I put a little milk and remaining cream. Was received very well. You can do so Potato grata (baked), but not guarantee you will get the same effect. As for the nutmeg, do not spare, the more you put, the more delicious it ..

Thank you. About us no good cream and milk have to use sometimes.

if you add grated ka6kaval to seal the top of the 6 o6te become more nice!

Daniela is not a question of what more can be added, but how is the authentic recipe. To add and ham, and vegetables, and cheeses, and what you can not put a man, but then there is Zapakanka Dofinoa * * which was first mentioned in writing July 12, 1788

For this wondering and milk ... Cream is a problem when cooking plant not trust, and genuine rarely find.

goodies! Eat your sweet home. Emphasis of garlic without want;) Thanks for the nice recipe!

Half nutmeg you put too much I think? Perhaps it comes to 1/2. L. Or 1/2. L.

I personally put it eye to their rights that many 1/2 nutmeg. 1. L. Is sufficient for this dish.