Peat cake Turbakook

Submitted by enr on 19 Feb 2012
400 g flour
250 g butter or margarine
3-4 tbsp cocoa
100 g sugar
# For the filling:
150 g sugar
4 eggs
100 ml sour cream or yogurt
500 g cottage cheese
2. tbsp flour
200 g chocolate spread
Peat cake Turbakook
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Flour, sugar, cocoa and the butter rubbing sore (best hands) to make crumbs. Eggs and sugar mix to foam, add the cottage cheese, sour cream, vanilla and flour. In unfasten shape, lightly greased with butter pour half of the cocoa crumbs on top Pour egg-curd mixture leveled with a spoon on it and evenly sprinkle remaining crumbs. Cake bake at 180C for 40-45 minutes. Allow to cool completely before cutting into watered with melted chocolate spread.
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19 Feb 2012
Vesselina Kazakova


This is an amazing cake! When I do it to the filling add 2 chopped banana. Besides being delicious, looks great!

Thank you, Reni! For banana I had not thought of it, next time I'll try and on your way!

In how great form right? My guess is quite large already baked, but the layers with crumbs I became very thin. I did a little more and put the upper layer, but now will be even. But it did smell amazing and delicious RESULTS guess would be great

Teq, at the moment I can only give approximate dimensions ... tonight if they still iznteresuva will measure the right. Bake the cake in a rectangular pan Jena (40/25). Would be happy if you stay satisfied with the recipe!

So many have never exposed. I really did not get it. I did everything exactly a recipe, but not my sweet cake and top it became pretty hard. I do not know where wrong ...: - (

original recipe that is found without the addition of chocolate. I tried for the first time and I do not sweet enough and I added chocolate products kam (200 g). A pie softened, after standing for one day. Teq, not to miss the chocolate?

Ami right with liquid chocolate just pour? Well, nothing drugiyapat hopefully get better, and your photo is great ...

Yes liquid chocolate is just gravy, but our tastes is enough to sweeten supplemental. But keep thinking, why do not you received ... and comes to my mind that the dough crumbs was a thin layer (it is still biscuit) and you had occurred crispy. My advice is to wait until tomorrow to cut a piece. I will wait for you comment! :)

Very tasty cake! This time instead of sugar in the filling, put raspberry jam and bananas. Became very fragrant!

Great looks, Reni! :)

Whether curd may be replaced by cream cheese?

sladki64e, we replace curd with ricotta or cottage cheese (in general, I have not tried the recipe).

Sladki64e, I have not tried with cream cheese, but I think you will have no problem if you replace curd with him.

interesting and easy to make cake! :) I think I'll try it out! :)

Sladki64e, check only whether the cream cheese is unsalted, now came to my mind that this type of cheese at us slightly salty ... Marianka expect feedback, I hope the cake to your liking! :)

Thank you for the answers! Cream cheese here is unsalted and I use it constantly for making cakes and cream cakes. I will share it.

I did it for my birthday and we liked it because it was not too sweet!

I make this cake several times, became one of my favorites. The recipe is really good and easy to prepare. In filling, the last time I put and canned mandarins.

Thank you, girls! Glad you liked the cake!