Submitted by enr on 25 Feb 2009
500 g walnuts
200 g natural starch
200 g sugar
1 l grape juice (must)
Kernels stringing thread with each other. Grape juice are put to boil, then add the sugar, starch and mix with a little cold water and placed on a trickle to the juice. Stir to become creamy. Nuts are placed in draw cream and leave to dry a little, then again placed in the cream, and so until size of a sausage. Allow to dry overnight next day sprinkle with powdered sugar. Then cut.
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25 Feb 2009


Do not you say - must?

Yes MUSTS says.

Shara is not just grape juice and the intermediate, polufermentiral product winemaking. grape juice-shar-wine. At the end of my father's very used for cooking.

But I think really is properly MUSTS ... although I know it only as carp.

It's called wort. I do the autumn because mastakulki do with it. In the end his Suhindolskiyat must say.

Where to put the emphasis? We call him Shar & # 225 ;. Obviously wrong.

must be said this is Tepic Greek from the town is doing just fall do. thank you

The emphasis is on A.