Banitsa with feta cheese and a glass of lemonade

Submitted by enr on 05 Mar 2012
500 g prepared filo pastry sheets
4 eggs
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
300 g feta cheese
6 tbsp sunflower oil
30 g butter
250 ml lemonade
Banitsa with feta cheese and a glass of lemonade
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Beat the eggs and add them crumbled feta cheese and yogurt, which have previously put baking soda, you Wait effervescent. Take 2 of peel and coated them with a few tablespoons of the mixture and 1 tbsp sunflower oil and winding. Put in greased tray starting from the middle. Finally the court with the mixture leaving about 1 tbsp and add lemonade (maybe carbonated water with a pinch of sugar) and pour the banitsa, and add a few pieces of butter.
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05 Mar 2012


Very fast to prepare and warm pie. Kacham and a picture.

This is the best recipe for the pie, which I have come across! Made Easy, fast and scary delicious! And it looks exactly like the picture! Super! Will now do so only pie!

Great pie get all loved it and applauded. I made it to the roses, the rest kept my recipe. Bravo!

I'm glad you liked the recipe girls. This is the recipe of my mother, but I do long pie in this way. Happy Holidays :)

great pie out. I did it with carbonated water.

How many degrees and how long bake the pie?

All pies bake in a similar way - in a moderate oven, 180C, a level slightly below the middle for about 40-50 minutes or until browned well. Keep an eye from time to time. If not quite sure whether it is ready, you can remove from the oven and reznesh little bit sample.

Thanks for the comment, but a little later I see him :) I tried and get a lot better in a similar Sensory Peko it, as you describe, but at 200 degrees 30 minutes, then cover with foil to top does not burn. To bake the bottom and held her for 25 minutes until golden. Indeed mvery good recipe.

The important thing is that it is received successfully, I'm glad it was delicious :)

very good rezepta..mersi which