Spinach with rice - II type

Submitted by enr on 07 Mar 2011
1 kg of fresh spinach
2 green onions
1 bouillon cube
200 g rice
200 g of tomato puree or 5-6 tbsp chutney
500 ml water and less more optional
olive oil
Spinach with rice - II type
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Wash the spinach and put it to boil. When it is tender strain. In a pan put olive oil and chopped green onions and dill. After popreparzhat gently squeezed and add chopped spinach, rice and water. When it starts to boil add the broth, salt and tomato puree. It is preferable not to use fresh tomatoes. Boil about 20 minutes on medium heat and optional may be added water. When serving, I add a spoonful of yogurt.
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07 Mar 2011


love for it this cooked meal!

Annie, tomato puree ground ... (passion) tomatoes Do you mean? Not thick, is not it?

Rally, I use canned tomato juice, but a thick, add a few tablespoons chutney. It is preferable to use canned tomato juice (puree), because fresh tomatoes eating sour and will not need to add sugar, in which you will have to be careful to not spoil the taste of cooked meal :) Desi, to us is the favorite cooked meal :)

see, I see. This year there are no fresh spinach just to come and will make it. Many spring mood dish I bring you, thank you!

Rally, I've never cooked with frozen spinach, but here at any time it is :) - you're on warmer :) I'll wait opinion titanic dill moisture very pleasant taste.

I really like this recipe, little sweetheart too. Do it, and with fresh and with frozen spinach. And we like yogurt :)

Girls I've done with it and bought frozen spinach. The result is the same as fresh. Just new here for me ... mmm dill-I can not wait to buy spinach and make her try. Perfect!

Girls, I've never tried frozen because here in Greece is at any time :) Thank you for evaluations but will wait and opinions great follow dill and chives have really great taste and flavor.

Hope, thank you :)

A great recipe! Finally, I added a little Sphinx bite lightly fried with savory dining and became wonder :)

Well, that Peter wrote to think that I owe comment. I I worked on it 6-7 times this recipe - I loved it. I never damp spinach, just put it fresh with rice, but not only in this recipe, but always. Different for me dill and definitely liked.

This spinach amazed even my grandmother. Very tasty soup became, not even reached us. Good for lady LANA

Very nice and easy recipe! Even children ate, and they hate everything green :)