Salted pancake layered cake

Submitted by enr on 28 Dec 2008
8 ready pancakes
100 g ham
200 g cheese
pickles 2
1 boiled carrot
2 boiled eggs
100 g feta cheese
400 g mayonnaise
7 tsp mustard
Salted pancake layered cake
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Ham , cheese, cucumbers, carrots, eggs and the feta cheese is grated. Mayonnaise and mustard are mixed and stirred. The first pancake is placed in a shallow dish average, smeared with mayonnaise and place the ham. Top placed second pancake, again smeared with mayonnaise and sprinkle with cheese. Third pancake smeared with mayonnaise and garnished with pickles. Fourth pancake garnished with mayonnaise and grated eggs. Fifth pancake garnished with mayonnaise and feta cheese. Sixth - mayonnaise and carrots, and the seventh - mayonnaise and ham. Last pancake place and cover well the entire cake with mayonnaise. Garnish with grated cheese and ham, cut into rings of eggs, pickles.
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28 Dec 2008
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Very nice recipe that reminds me, I have to do for New Year :)

And I for the new year I vowed to do. Looks great.

I put a layer of mayonnaise 1chl and I thought a little, next time I'll put 2.

great appetizer! Spectacular and very tasty!

From when I was about to do salty pancake cake, thanks for the idea :)

Before fit *stole* this recipe from my sister.Very nice appetizer is spectacular and!

Bravo Maggie was a great yummy family was fascinated by the terrific appetizer :)

Thanks for all the good reviews! And at home liked it, even over very quickly.

I love salt cake, the way you handle it piecing is great!

Desi, great picture you've done - looks very tasty cake!

Thanks Maggie, all were very happy with the cake recipe you super long to favorites! :)

Even today I will do :) As I write will be ready as soon as it became.

Mmm ... super is like a recipe and layout. Well done.

Thanks Maggie super recipe. Try it happened exactly as pictured

This cake is very tasty! Thank you, Maggie that recalled it to me! When I do not have much time and buy ready-made salads, around 100 grams, and each row pancakes dub them, and the whole cake, not so severe daub it with a mixture of cottage cheese, a few tablespoons of mayonnaise and yogurt, and the -otgore and Maggie indicated sprinkle with cheese.

Milenka, and this is very inresen option! Thank you :)

And I like milena75 used for various salads namazavane. Great work!

zvezdichkata, great cake you prepared, bravo!

Long ago I had not rules, but yesterday something podsetih. Without my eggs in the filling and without mustard to the mayonnaise. Excellent recipe.

ELTI, great beauty you did, and thank you for the photo :)

Thank you, magi71. Home and demanded repeat :) I'm with pictures to the recipe.

ELTI, great pictures, very glad that you liked the :)

Very nice recipe became a great cake. I applied and pictures :)

became a great cake, all home loved it. thanks for the recipe

zllate, great layout! Thanks for the pictures :)

Thank you, magi71. The recipe is a great, easy to implement and get a very tasty cake. Do not put mustard that not all home love it. Alternating layer of mayonnaise and homemade chutney layer for greater contrast when cut. Excellent recipe.

became a super cake, thanks a lot

made her by the New Year, very tasty appetizer get! Pancakes made them herself and the layers were boiled egg, cooked carrots, pickles, ham and homemade chutney on which grated cheese! surely I will make it!

and I have made a new year and it was great! I live in Greece and my friends had eaten pancake cake. licking his fingers. very easy and very tasty

Great ... Very tasty :) happened.

It was delicious :)

Very tasty cake! Decked it with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs and cream cheese.

Very tasty cake! I did it with homemade mayonnaise and homemade chutney - the taste is unique! Thanks for the idea and the recipe! :)

Very nice appetizer could even say it was a dish :)

Very tasty cake at home and very glad, and became a nice appetizer for the holiday.