Cake with stewed apricots or peaches

Submitted by enr on 06 Sep 2003
5 eggs
1 cup (200 g) sugar
300 g flour
1 packet of baking powder
1 vanilla powder
60 g butter
800 g compote
Cake with stewed apricots or peaches
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The butter is heated gently soften and spread the bottom of the tray. It is followed on the drained fruit, it must cover the entire bottom. Separately, a mixture of eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder and vanilla which pour over the fruit. Cake bake in a moderate oven. When ready to remove from the tray and turns (fruit remain top) and after cool pour the juice compote and garnish optional.
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06 Sep 2003


Super light and delicious cake - you and quickly done!

I know this recipe from her mother, but with one modification - in a hot oil, add a little sugar and caramelized before fruit set. So the cake acquires unique taste of caramel and fruit not kisileyat.

became definitely tasty! Resembles roaring :))

Quick, easy and delicious! Super.

doing it for years. This is one of the favorite sweets of my family. I top cover with cream or cream and becomes even more tasty and interesting

hey! thanks that reminded me of this sledkish. It was wrong for a long time. There is only one negative feature - never in large quantities dostaachno :)

super is this cake in a favorite :)

The recipe is very good. Try before you can caramelize the melted butter 2 l. Tablespoons sugar, put the oil pan and remove from fire. Then initiate fruit, etc.

very nice kids liked it a lot and sent a picture, thanks for the idea

I did it again, but this time it I poured cream

became wonderful but I could not turn on the exact split some Istana one ate it from the pan with a spoon

Magnificent camp. My little one loved it. I did a little caramel on the bottom.

A big thank you this is my favorite recipe from my childhood a little forgotten. Immediately to favorites and if I have time after a few days will be gobbled 100%. Certainly not from me but from the family (for me it is very sweet sugar given me bolset not that I do not like).

One of the old and time-tested recipes. Ivalina, congratulations to the original temptation of cake!

Now I put it to bake. Many love him, but this time a little variety, it added a little cinnamon, lemon peels, caramelized sugar and finely ground nuts. I hope to get :)

I added raisins and decked with cream!

Thanks for the recipe. Today I did it. Delicious cake became.

in savota made cake and my family liked it. thank you.

v4era We achieved it became great and I really caramelized sugar acquired taste just nice syrup I did not go with pove4e syrup will be -vkusen if I will put my picture

I put syrup two compote. A few days ago I did it again. Decked with cream roses. This is a quick and inexpensive cake and certainly will appeal to everyone. Once again put Rating: Very good!

Today husband surprised me with this cake. I did it with two compote - a peach and apricot one. It is very successful and is also easy to prepare. My perfect recipe!

Super, I have combined two compote apricots and strawberries, but next time I will try and drive!

mixture which is poured thick you should be because my very dense hardly January I spread ?? now begin to bake hopefully become ..

Taste of childhood :) It was a little dry and the compote so moist it further. Thanks for the recipe.

It's always great this cake. I also first caramelized sugar on the bottom of the pan. Currently bake and hope again delicious results :)

Dear sweet to my little son!

Very delicious cake is a favorite of the whole family!

To me also my mixture became very thick. Can anyone tell me if I have to do so be.

great cake, I did become a little apricot Kiselichki but did not stay on, the next time you try it with strawberry compote. Upload photos. A Ramonka obviously your eggs are small and therefore the mixture becomes thick, to me it was good.