Candy - bunnies

Submitted by enr on 06 Nov 2009
500 g of powdered sugar
125 g butter
sprig of boxwood for ears
little cocoa painting
Candy - bunnies
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From the butter and powdered sugar knead shortbread. Allow to stand for half an hour in the refrigerator. Formed into small balls. On their place 2 leaves of boxwood for ears. With dissolved in a little water to cocoa draw eyes and mouths.
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06 Nov 2009


LYUBKA, do you picture? It is a good decoration for a children's cake.

Here is the picture! Are pretty sweet, so with - tiny. I were done for the birthday of my son in kindergarten and was great fun with these bunnies.

They are very sweet, will definitely give them a try!

Many Hubavka LYUBCHO. :) Well done!

Lyubka, rabbits are great fun and enjoyed every child! It seems to me that you missed some ingredient - can not make dough only sugar and cr. oil ... whether it should be placed at least broken tea biscuits ...? I can not imagine that anyone would eat only sweetened cr. oil ...

are very beautiful! Instead box can be used almonds.

I have not missed anything, really well made and really are very sweet, so small.

Nothing is missed. Zaichetata are great and beautiful, and very tasty. I'm doing them many times, but in another form. The head is the same but much smaller, it is attached to the shaped body of the rabbit, with flattened sides of jet goals nuts.

are very beautiful and safe and delicious! Congratulations!

I've done such a *test* for decoration, not for eating - roses, grandfather Mrazovtsi, chicks I've done, but because it quickly melts in your hands - even so do not use it anymore. We do not like to eat, just greasy sugar.

LYUBCHO, much like your bunnies! I've strawberries and flowers (potassium). Thank you reminded me of the wonderful decorations.

I'll be happy to show us your strawberries and potassium, I'm sure are lovely. Write how you style.

boxwood lost on the way and had to improvozorame with ears) Children are entertained and made them spochti yourself.