Salad Maggie

Submitted by enr on 31 Oct 2008
200 g tuna
4 potatoes
150 g sweet corn
200 g mayonnaise
white pepper
Salad Maggie
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Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes and boil in salted water. Mixed with corn, tuna and mayonnaise, sprinkle with white pepper and confused. Serve chilled. Decorate optional.
Very easy
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31 Oct 2008


Well, the fish where put it as decoration?

To my regret, as I bought a can not I looked it was cancer, but not fillet. Therefore not visible. :(

Anyway fish pieces or tenderloin salad is great. A month ago his son had made her and I loved it.

Thank you, definitely improvise with what I have in the fridge. 2 days ago I had tried with cabbage instead of potato and my husband does not approve it enthusiastically!

this salad is my favorite ... and add pickles ...

I instead put tuna crab rolls and pickles and also became very delicious.

It is not bad to try and pickles :)

and I put pickles, but I changed a little and was very nice. Instead of mayonnaise sauce did the following: 2 yogurts (2h125gr), 3 chopped nuts, chopped fresh parsley, dill and pepper to taste, mayonnaise to taste, salt and to make a sauce poured in some water (in the case of mineral: )) do not put garlic but perhaps it will be even better.

Miro, mayonnaise nice to replace it with yogurt. Sometimes I do so only use strained or sour cream. Thanks :)

Great recipe, I also added a little pickles. Great salad for chilled rakia. Bravo Maggie goes to Favorites.

Mnogooo good!

Pickles'm not put cut them separately, but are for decoration as well as onto Mommy's done! Glad you like it!

I added roasted peppers cut into strips, and became fragrant and colorful;)