Chocolate layered cake * Do not bake *

Submitted by enr on 05 Oct 2010
220 g biscuits with walnuts
100 g butter
1 tbsp honey
100 g of milk chocolate
100 g dark chocolate
2 tbsp caster sugar
2 tbsp rum (cognac)
1 vanilla
200 ml pastry cream
Chocolate layered cake * Do not bake *
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Mix ground crackers, melted butter and honey. Bottom and sides of the form with a diameter of 22-24 cm stood foil. Pour the mixture and press with good hand or bottom of the bowl. Leave in the refrigerator to cool until the cream is prepared. Chocolate is melted, add powdered sugar, vanilla and alcohol. Mix. The cream was stirred gently and thereto is added the chocolate. Pour over the base. Presedyava at least 2 hours in refrigerator. I swapped cream with such powder (I used 1 packet), the remaining products were half cream. In the ground biscuits and put 3 tbsp caramelized nuts.
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05 Oct 2010


tasty seems to me, even a little bit like cheesecake. Put in favorite :)

And I put her to the test. Iva to use those products need 2 packages dry cream / 100g /, right?

No, I did with the first packet, and other products for the cream, powdered sugar, chocolate and t.n.byaha half.This cream powder can not tighten so nice as liquid cream.So I decided to reduce the cream.

To stand on firmer cream powder, add the cream improver. These are some small packets sold in hypermarkets.

Hello. My former colleague make this cake - is great! She would put first chocolate cream and top separately. Less severe, but remember :)

tried the recipe, which was performed slightly sweet, I think next time to make it much bigger, because to me it was pretty small cakes, but definitely worth it :)

I am glad that you liked.

Mmmm, delicious sounds. Put in favorites.

Mmm, sounds incredibly *sweet*. Put it into Favorites, must try :)

I hope you like it. Cookies may be vanilla or chocolate.