Dessert Figs

Submitted by enr on 12 Oct 2009
1.5 kg dried figs, chopped
200 g ground almonds
200 g ginger kandiran
2 tbsp fresh ginger, very finely chopped
zest of 3 lemons and oranges 3
200 g walnuts, chopped In large pieces
100 ml zambuka, ouzo or mastic
200 ml must (must)
1 tsp equal pepper
1/2 tsp ground cloves
1 tsp cinnamon
Dessert Figs
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All products are mixed and left for several hours in a refrigerator until the liquid is absorbed. Formed into balls that are flattened. Wrapped in plastic foil and keep cold. Consumed after at least 1 week. Shelf life at least 1 year. Serve cut into thin pieces to mocha, cheese, alcohol, ice cream.
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12 Oct 2009


recipes, but what kandiran ginger and grape must (must)?

Kandiran means candy. Must (or must) is the grape juice at the beginning of fermentation, before becoming wine. In some places, says shar:-)

great dessert! Really is very suitable to be served with French cheeses. Raleigh, well arranged with him Kalanchoe :) and what nationality?

Nelly, for the first time I gave it a Greek and (of course) claimed to be Greek. However, in the net I have found in other versions allegations that Turkish (then done with p & # 225; ki, he is with aniseed), Italian (with zambuka, again with anise), etc. In Greek I'll have almonds so far still remember the taste, much time has passed since then:-) The cakes can be rolled in roasted sesame, and so I met him.

Sesame will have a luxury! It's a pity that I can not do it very difficult Spice me.

It sounds very fragrant and will surely prepared in the next few weeks - just got a little left candied ginger. You'll have to do wort alone, but found instructions on the internet and hope to get. I just want to ask, can instead of mastic to put something else, such as vodka and anise?

Gergana certainly possible, but it is more complicated than can be obtained zambuka or ouzo. If you still have no access - to try flavored vodka. I hope to become, though vodka it will take time to absorb flavor. I were you I would not play with, I just missed aniseed and I put pure vodka. The recipe is very fragrant and naturally that with anise are more flavors and without however it will still be nice. Share how you received :)

Just put it in the fridge! Few improvised: 1) not put fresh ginger, because the sucrose has a very strong flavor; 2) instead zambuka put vodka with anise *; 3) instead must, put the juice of crushed grapes by hand; 4) I had no ground cloves, but mash finely with a knife heads of several branches (for savalenie and no mill). Prepared 1/3 ratio. At first glance, the result is very good. Try as how he received, will share!

* I found the recipe on the Internet, whereby 700g of vodka put 24 stars anise, allow to stand for three days, stirring 2 times daily. My get quite aromatic and after a day and a half and did not wait more. I vodka not to drink at home and strongly aromatic anise from India, which I had never used and I am glad that I came into use.

Where the stay enough, are very fragrant. I'll wait to share how you like :)

Only now it tried. Dessert really is very fragrant! It was worth the wait.

Gergana :) Redvam be. Do not know if where you live, catch winter frosts. But here in the winter when we return from dalgochasovi walks in the snow, a cup of hot tea with a little of this dessert and it seems that we are in heaven;) I especially fragrances them mostly associated with Christmas time. But with mocha is wonderful :)

Rally, thanks for the idea. You catch cold and it great, but until we get to them will have to do another proportion!