Apple pie Pepolina

Submitted by enr on 09 Jan 2011
6 apples
1-2 tbsp cinnamon
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 cups flour (incomplete)
10 g baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 cup fat of your choice (incomplete)
2 cup sugar
juice of 1 orange
2 vanilla
4 eggs
1 cup In large pieces crushed walnuts
Apple pie Pepolina
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Diced peeled apples, mix thoroughly with brown sugar and cinnamon. Once this is done the dough - in a bowl mix the sifted flour, salt and baking powder. In another bowl mix the oil, orange juice, sugar and vanilla and mix well with a fork or wire. Wet and dry mortar mix and stir with fork. Add the eggs, one at a time while stirring. In the finished mixture is added the walnuts. Half the batter is poured into a greased form (larger) on it is poured half apples on them remaining dough and half apples. Top watered evenly drained juice from apples (if any). Bake in a moderate oven for about an hour or until ready (check with a toothpick - if pinned in the middle comes out dry, it's ready ). * cake is better standing for 2-3 days as apples and cinnamon are more aromatic. * 1 cup = 250 ml
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09 Jan 2011


great cake, Pepi. All home licking their fingers .. Thanks for shared recipe. To favorites is!

Desi very glad that you like cake. Thank you for the photos and confidence.

and my mother made the same cake, it is very tasty.

This tempting dessert will do in the near future! Pepa, still invent them some goodies, and you can not stand them!

tillia, I'm glad you enjoy my recipes, but you're also a very good cook and have incredible recipes. Try the cake I think you'd like :)

dessert is great! This is the first pie with apples, which I received so well. Little confused recipe and put the white sugar in the apples, so I did layers and mingled everything - again get a taste! :)

Well it gives-brown sugar flavor, but you have cinnamon and it is more dominant, so that confusion you will not notice. Important is the final form and once again was delicious, even better. Me also I like cake, but put a little cinnamon.

Great looks, noting that his confusion. Remind me about this recipe, I'll make it soon. I loved it!

matematichka, is not fatal, that you put white sugar, as I've forgotten to buy a brown and so do I, but again gets tasty :)

This cake looks very appetizing - will try. I just want to ask how thick it dough, I see that there is no milk, kind of cake batter you receive?

di_jar, to the dough is like cakes. Really no milk, but there is orange juice.

It was unique - in fact there is no way to stand for 2-3 days - just over half a day! Great cake!

I want to ask why it is necessary to be confused with a fork? Can not mixer?

Nancy, me, personally, it was pretty thick mixture and you can not really enjoy mixer. But let's say the others with more experience that is so.

nancy, really the mixture becomes thick, but this cake does not need much agitation as when making muffins, so stir with a fork.

Thank you for your answers, I did it with a fork. Sldakisha is great! Thanks for the good recipe.

My idea was that I put 2 cups sugar in apples, instead of 1/4, and need to confuse them with the dough to absorb sugar :) I put more cinnamon, about to start bitter, spice is great. For me also does not stay 2 days, but the first day is delicious :)

matematichka, importantly, that you liked it!

Hi, how capacity is tea cup?

I guess 200 or 250g there would be no great importance.

A little while ago I pulled this baby out of the oven. Thanks for the great recipe

-loving! Now all my worship :) cake became great! Thank you! I climbed and snimchitsa!

gven5, I'm glad you liked sladkishta! Thank you for your trust!

After the author of the recipe thanked advise commented comments, do not know what the problem is to respond to the capacity of the cup, which has benefited most used kitchen scale for sweets and I think that the right amount of products is important. For me, the lack of response in polite question asked three times (one deleted) in the best case, the absence of elementary culture of communication.

prezident111, did not think it necessary to EXPRESS cup size you use, because you already have responded. But as soon as you hold this, then use the cup with a capacity of 250 ml., As it mete all products for which it is written that are measured by the cup. There will be no problem, as you have already replied to use the beaker and 200 ml., But then you should measure and other products with it. I hope you got a comprehensive answer. I do not answer immediately, because this recipe is not my comments come as new. Must enter the recipe itself and then to see if there is a comment. When did you already been answered and therefore not written. More clearly than that I can not answer. I hope to stay longer satisfied.

I made the cake and it was delicious. I have just two comments, so to speak :) I came a little salt in most can be reduced to 1 or pinch, or omitted. I Peko 200 degrees for 50 min. And was slightly overdone bottom, maybe 40-45 min. Will is OK. My ceiling was 32-33 cm in diameter and 3 finger high- came my ideal. Otherwise a very good recipe :)

Iliana-1983, I'm glad you liked the cake! Thank you for your comments, it is always nice when everyone expresses their opinion and share what he would have liked, so many more people would have found the right recipe for your taste. Thank you and good day!

Thanks for the recipe shared-get is great juicy, fragrant and fluffy cake I have combined two apples and two pears (I had to use) -smesitsata of flavors is divine!

prezident111, I'm glad you liked the cake! The combination pear - apple really is very successful, we'll try it myself. Thanks for sharing!

great cake! Just forgot walnuts and so took my anger, but nothing will put other road! :)

gerivas, do not fret, it is important that you liked, and now is the season of apples and you still can do it now with nuts:) Thank you for your trust!

I did it a few times, great is my favorite,

ANI-73, I'm glad that you was delicious!