Home fleshy layered cake

Submitted by enr on 04 Aug 2009
# For the bases:
1 cup yogurt
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup sugar
3 eggs
1/2 cup sunflower oil
pinch of salt
about 1 kg of flour
# For the cream:
2 liters of fresh milk
20 tbsp sugar
20 tbsp flour
125 g butter
4 vanilla
about 2 cups ground walnuts
Home fleshy layered cake
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From the list of products for the bases knead a soft dough. Divide by 7 balls. The balls are rolled into thin bases, using more flour. The bases are placed in a dry pan, which is thoroughly dusted with flour and bake. Roasting is very fast - up to 4-5 minutes to base. Cream: Milk is put to boil with sugar. Flour blurs the mess with cold water and add to the milk. Stir well until boil. Then add the butter and vanilla. The bases are moistened very hot cream. On top sprinkle with ground walnuts. Allow to stand for at least 12 hours. * The cream can be replaced with pudding or starch and again becomes very tasty. It is important to put a lot of it to absorb the bases nice and become soft.
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04 Aug 2009


It seems to me that will not be sorry if you do this Cakes! EEX if ...!

cakes cool. Looks like Dobush cake.

The cake is very tasty! I recommend it to everyone! I bake the latter must in a large pan and gets cake that in Kashteto say: *Cake lot. '

Bravo, seems to me very tasty! How many degrees they need 4-5 minutes?

250 degrees.

In our region and say *Rural cake* / in the finest sense of the word /. Really is *a lot.* The cream is very light. The more aged, the more beautiful it.

And if this cream cake made with less flour and eggs that will change the taste and?

ah, what very tasty. Bravo for the nice and easy recipe!

mimsi, in cream no eggs. For example, I do it with 2 liters of milk, 14 tablespoons flour, sugar to taste and very little oil.

Thanks! In favorite is waiting for the occasion! :)

Ah, great cake became really is *Cake lot.'

Very light, not at all greasy, no butter, heavy cream and is very suitable for dessert and breakfast.

To the latter must become more fragile, put in the dough and 1 ammonia soda. And -, Mims, in the cream may be added to 2-3 eggs 1 liter of milk. Super happening. Cocoa and rum can be added. All - a great recipe for you to improvise. Bravo!

Yesterday I made a cake for the birthday of my daughter, who is tomorrow and try it will tell you the result. Because prachetoh that the more stays nice it and I decided to get committed. We will send you a picture of what I added my arrangement suitable for the occasion as mine.

One golyamaBLAGODARYa for this great recipe, all guests are charmed! Very tasty!

Can not, I will do with it, I tell you it is very nice. It turned out that she got this recipe at least 15 years. Great-pass for me.

Cake is wonderful ... umm ... not to worry, that will remain for others ... have as much as you want ... ha-ha-ha. Really delicious cake. But I put in the dough and a little lemon zest for flavor and divide it into 4 balls and bake it in large baking pans ... for a little Ekonomia current ... that today if we did Ekonomia went ... Our coin.

You might want to add in the cream and melted chocolate becomes more beautiful.

Neli1100, very nice cake. bravo! Figures saw them to the other recipe, hard work and love you have given, and the result is great!

Mmmm, this is the cake! However, it is even more beautiful with custard home. But I did not baboons, and how much should be in quantity to a cake? I would be very grateful if someone could help me!

Cream recipe is nice, but to me with 2L. milk comes to a little more. With 1 5l. I received well. It again depends on the diameter of the latter must not.

Thanks for the recipe!

and the latter must not bake together on each other or one on one

greased baking baking pan with oil, sprinkle with flour thoroughly, shake the pan to spread evenly flour and roast in the pan all 6 sheets sep. Prevent burning and not stick.

yes, can the same baking pan to izpechesh all cake only if pretsinish can use two pans, so that while one is baked, you can Roll and preparing another cake. So you will be easier without waiting for the next one cake.

Finally I made the cake. Divided 6 marshes and cream with the 2 liters of milk without a little not enough for me! Added to the cream and eggs. Definitely delicious cake get!

made in January It was very good, we all like it :) Thanks for the recipe :)

Many successful me out

I Roll peel of baking paper, which has a diameter of the baking pan. I've made a number 3 and so is very fast, because while the first cake I baked Roll out the second, third and then roast and grind without interruption. Try it very quickly. Only nabrashnyavayte paper as Knife on it. Good luck!