Submitted by enr on 08 May 2011
300 ml water (2 cups)
300 ml sunflower oil (2 cups)
300 g of flour (2 cups)
6 eggs
# For sprinkling:
8 tbsp sugar
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In a saucepan pour the oil and water. Heat and stir 8 minutes knife mixer (attachment for blending or blender) low grade (in my case first). The mixture is hot do not need to boil. Once it becomes opaque shifted from heat and add flour, stirred on a high level of the mixer about 30-40 seconds. Allow it to cool about 5 minutes. During this time, stirring the eggs in a separate container. Was then added and the eggs to the mixture and stirred again at high speed until a uniform mixture. Pour into pan littered with baking paper or greased with fat. Spread evenly, sprinkle with sugar evenly over the entire surface, because the mixture contains no sugar and cinnamon is added to taste. Bake in preheated oven at 180 C 35 minutes.
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08 May 2011


Very interesting recipe! With impatience will wait and pictures!

The size of the baking pan?

Mims, baking pan size that I used is 33-36 cm. Can be used baking pan that comes with the stove or round size 40 cm possible. Mixture plunk a lot.

Sissil taste how? My dough mixture resembles éclair?

perunika, this is not exactly taste like whites.

Only now the pictures I realized what you mean by *the sword of the mixer.* Nice, but my prefix for blending has only a single degree - very fast. But I think that's what happens though is water and oil would become of mayonnaise;) What do you think?

Aliana, can not happen mayonnaise, eggs are added finally with very little break. Reduce time and ready.

Fast and interesting proposal for éclair dough / if you can say *éclair* as not stir the fire until it is removed from the container walls /! What is the objective *for 8 minutes blade mixer on low level.* Would not achieve the same result if the stir with a spoon or wire?

tillia, I have not tried never to mix with wire by hand, right is easier with help, ha ha ha.

It! Just ask because usually blade mixer used for blending and it bothered me. Will do *as Grandma knows!* No doubt about the result!

I think the mix of continuous fast break. No matter how low level - though the unit is faster than the hand, and not tire;)

I just did it, but something is not right ... After the addition of flour dough was perfect, but after I put the eggs become rare as a pancake. I nevertheless it poured into the pan and bake now. But even sprinkling sugar immediately raztyapyashe ...: ((((((

15 minute bake ... it's the most curious thing I ever entered in the oven:-) He went to grow in width and length, leaning on the wall and is folded. This phase is like and smells like an omelet. I photographed it;)

Great look! From your photos I wanted to try it myself. Logged favorite .. Waiting for your Aliana :)

is Done! Pay attention to the front, light end. Moyshavenata there is left to descend from the baking pan, sliding on the oven door. Hanging 3 finger forward, had it raised to catch baking pan extractions. Taste - I like. Really a bit like puff pastry, but only slightly. Mine is crispy, just perfect sweet, deep yellow, with a taste of eggs. Cinnamon not put. But immediately got involved second dose get exactly rare. Currently bake it with cinnamon.

hehehe, almost out of the stove so .. Awesome-mmm yummy!

Just munch here ... I love it. Now I'm sure that something does not work properly, because mine is quite thin. Inside and underneath is soft, however, is separated without problem from the paper top nibble - mmm. If you give a little more elbow grease, I do not have to say that they were 2 doses;)

Aliana, bravo You have done great. Prozdavleniya.

I am very pleased with the recipe is easy, fast and tasty. My daughter is a very fussy eater, but liked it and I eat too. But I'm not convinced it worked exactly as it should. I uploaded pictures of cut and you see them please contact me if you and is it ie swelled many places and they became hollow. A cake on Cyprus is really quite different. It was the final result some syrup baked pastry. Not bad, but it is much slower, and there I'm not sure how I did.
I think that was very Aliana rights until they did realize that the two recipes are not similar. Obviously, you need to gain more experience.

mis_val, I am glad for your daughter that she liked. I did not see the pictures, but what explaining that blew in places exactly can and should be. But each time becomes more inflated, at least to me, was like.

I'm very concerned with this cake. I did it. Photos will be, but later. Is delicious. I scrambled with wire / oil and water mixer I kombain and no way (/ very fast. There is something like a puff / taste like /. Put and evaluation. Will try it with walnuts and chocolate.

Obviously the photos have not yet been approved. Thanks for the quick response. For me, swelled pretty. I think one way to try to pour cream éclair and to add and banana, ie. Is to use it for the cake.

Today I did it again, this time with oil heating water to boiling, took off from the heat and shattering almost 3 minutes, then put the flour. Became much more dense dough from last time. After adding the eggs were just right - shiny, soft dough. Overall - very tasty pastries, visitor I decided immediately that would make it.

And yesterday I did it again, but this time I poured half of it with a universal creamy vanilla. Became great.

Here, and I finally had time to stir up this cake! If Aliana is the most curious thing entered in the oven and then for me will definitely be the most curious out of it :). Bake at present and creates the shapes :)

Hahahahaha :) Well said! :) So you receive is exactly right, well done!

mimsi, Aliana made me laugh with your comments. Glad you out moyshavenata successful.

Hello! Slavcho, I question. My friend makes moyshavenata already 5-6 times. But says that twice in general, but never is neither inflate nor frilly. She can not explain why not felt to be doing something different. What do you think, what is the reason? I think today to do here is pretty cool, my them felt like some comfort. I'm still on a diet, but go ahead :) Ah, not to miss, my pritelka sprinkled almonds, mixed with sugar. Said it was very tasty and fragrant!

Hello Aliana straight surprised. For me, the only time you do not swell was when I tried to make her not heat up the water. So as I read doubt in adding almonds. Now I do not do in this heat, otherwise I would not try it with almonds.

This will be put in soon, if not tomorrow, I might go cat time, I am impressed. The dose will be divided into two one-half will trust in Rahovets and the other will try to halogen oven how to bake, and now in Favorites.

At last turn. I was wondering what to prepare for dinner and rummaging around the site for something with a lot of eggs that I ponasabrali pretty and looked in their favorite recipes, and I came across Moyshavenata..rekoh and hurray preference to that she took a great napravih..stana in combination with yogurt half opatka half tava..shte is made for the future ..