Submitted by enr on 11 Oct 2013
50 g butter
2 tbsp flour
1 level tbsp paprika
1 liter hot water
pepper, salt
1 egg soup thickener
6 to 8 eggs
2 cloves garlic
cayenne pepper optional
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Make light roux from the butter and flour. At the last moment, add paprika to not burn. Stir and dilute with hot water. Put as much as you feel that you like density. The broth should be solid. Season with salt and pepper. Once the broth boil pour it trickle a broken egg. Stir gently to form strands. Low tap in broth eggs one by one and leave on low heat to envelop. Cook 6-7 minutes. Finally, cut into thin slices of garlic and add it to the broth.
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11 Oct 2013
Tasty with Yoli


This must be very tasty.

It sounds very appetizing. Will do it for dinner. Thank *kuciqnova* for tasty offer! :)

And I add to favorites, look good and must try!

This is a great dish! :) Prepared very quickly, just to busy housewives. We are home to do it regularly, I add it crumbled cheese. For this reason I venture to say the recipe, as tested. :)

Girls is really very tasty and quickly pregotvya tonight prebavih Cheese and tomorrow my personal photos will upload it for quite some time and already forgotten pregotvyam eggs Panagyurski.

Put half the water and becomes gastichka as yahniyka. Very tasty. Finally, pull slightly veiled eggs.

Light and nice dish to obtain, thanks for the recipe. To me it seemed a very rare and I put extra flour, meal twice more common - so as ivka and I made as a stew. Cooked half dose and therefore was more shallow soup, eggs I sank to the bottom and until I find where they come off them carefully, only one managed to keep whole, but not a problem for eating :) Me personally, I was slightly tasteless, cheese, fresh garlic or a culinary herb, I think that will be a good addition.

Nevi, hello! :) To keep eggs whole, I do the following. Bump up the egg in the ladle and dunk ladle in the pot. Thus, any one at a time. Thus the egg immediately veils and remains whole. I always do it with cheese. ;)

Lirinka, thanks for the advice :)

A great quick dinner. And add the cheese becomes even more delicious.

Finally came the order and this recipe. It was very good, I increased amounts double for us :) I did bit her thicker and missed garlic. Not all eggs are kept whole, but it was mngo delicious! Served on a slice of homemade bread, sprinkled with 1-2. L. Yogurt and a little cayenne pepper. Thank Mariana that share the recipe!

I make it in several times. Today I managed to photograph it. I left her in a row, sprinkled it with cayenne pepper and parsley. It is very delicious.

My admiration for delicious recipe! Damn tasty, I also added cheese and fresh parsley. Something wonderful happened ... :)