English Fuchs

Submitted by enr on 14 Jan 2010
500 g yogurt
500 g sugar
500 g flour
1 tsp baking soda
vanilla 1
2 tbsp cocoa optional
walnuts optional
# For the cream:
6-8 tbsp sugar
1-2 tbsp cocoa
250 g butter
English Fuchs
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To sour milk is added soda. And sugar was added and stirred with a mixer. Add the flour and vanilla. Again the mixer was stirred to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Add walnuts and cocoa optional. In an oiled pan pour the mixture. Bake in a moderate oven. Once baked allow it to cool and cut into rhomboids. Cream, sugar, cocoa, the butter and 10-12 tbsp water are placed in a saucepan and simmer until complete melting of all products, stirring constantly. With warm up the cold cream is poured Futch. Dissolve between the pieces to be soaked better. Consume at least an hour to be able to absorb enough.
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14 Jan 2010


Very well it seems. Will try.

Thanks for the recipe. Long search for how to do it.

Thank you very much for the clarification mama_mimi. And in my variyant is right! I would put an excellent evaluation, but no ... :(

Very nice recipe. What are the above-Thessaloniki size baking pan in which bake the cake?

I like the recipe, I now do it. Eggs do not you put that seems quite zhaltichak the photos?

The recipe is very good. Try it and licked his fingers. Thank you. Today, we will prepare it again.

Without eggs you doing?

I am glad that you liked. Desi TO cake without eggs only listed products. success

I liked the recipe. Be sure I will.

please if you can tell me you put oil?

If you read the recipe see that do not put oil.

This is a classic dessert. Thank me potsetihte for it.

bravo long searched it. thumbs up

Chedesen is. Became one of my favorite sweets. Excellent recipe.

This is a very old cake. Another subtlety is that when narezhem parcheteta- pierce fork melting them and pay with icing on top. Is wonderful! ! !

Super is done! :)

It is really very tasty and easy cake. For those who are like me and love the taste (n) otiyki but are not masters is perfect.

Very nice recipe

Mmmm ..... vkusnoooo ...

Very tasty cake! I put nuts and cocoa, and baked in the largest poster I have, and it was incredible! I feel that this will be our favorite desserts! :)

I made the recipe in half. Very nice dessert. Thanks for the recipe

I can only be glad that you liked the cake, my daughter often makes me making sure I

Thank you Mom Mimi recipe is murder, I did it a few times already!

Crisp how big?

I am glad that you like cake, pan can be srazlichna shape and size of your choice I've done it with all sorts of form

However matter what size will bake and hence the appearance of the cake has to have a certain size of the baking pan and hence the height of the cake, whether round or otherwise give a size be clear and from there each decide in what form to use.

Yesterday I made this cake in pan measuring about 40 to 25cm. It was a cake thickness of about 10-12 cm. I added to the dough 1 hour. H. Wholesale ground walnuts, take dessert at a party and everyone loved it. Bravo for the recipe is not complicated to.

without yaytsaaa / will do it soon goes-to Favorites :)

favorite cake!

great cake

hello can I reduce the sugar of 300 grams at least :) it makes me 500 like that will eat half a bag of sugar