Potato urchin

Submitted by enr on 10 Apr 2009
1 kg potatoes
100 g sausage
100 g corn
100 g feta cheese
olives for decoration
2 slices tomato
1 cucumber
Potato urchin
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Cook potatoes, peel and blend, then flavored with dill. Sausage cut into small pieces. Spread potato mixture gently, put the corn, the feta cheese and sausage and make a ball, but the filling to stay inside and not be mixed with the potatoes. Potatoes žlikrof hedgehog olive halve and arrange on top. The eyes are made of round pieces of olive mouth - too. Top put 2 pieces of tomato and parsley. Cucumber cut and ordered removed. You can make small taralezhcheta - one for each portion, if you have the time and desire.
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10 Apr 2009


idea is wonderful Vesi if the cook and deals will be original to make portions!

Bravo Vesi. Again, you create a wonderful salad. Bravo!

Vesi, again offering us something very interesting! Bravo! Hedgehog is very beautiful!

Only now I can not imagine how it looks. He is so sweet!

Very nice hedgehog! Vesi Bravo!

cheerful, today I was wondering, wondering what to offer its guests tonight / you have a birthday /. And I decided. I made two hedgehog. Like this one with potatoes and another with rice / inside him put peas and sausage /. Became very beautiful. And they are delicious'll share tomorrow.

Well girls :) not who knows what products, but at the expense of it is original. Might not stuffing inside or each can make it according to your taste :) I'm glad you liked the recipe :)

This hedgehog is very cool! Bravo!

I did hedgehog and small taralezhcheta potato salad (boiled potatoes, onions and spices). Were very tasty and impressed many visitors :)!

guess kartofenota mixture should be like paste, but gysti of it.

amazing. And it's not complicated.

It is not complicated. Mash the potatoes and onions shred it, put oil, salt and vinegar to taste. The mixture becomes very easy for *sculpting* :). The spines are cut into strips olives.

I want to thank BABY for interesting suggestions and layouts :). I'm a beginner in the kitchen, but thanks to your wonderful recipes snag stunned even the most skillful chef :).

Many thanks for your kind words. I enjoyed it that you like the ideas and recipes, and that I can be useful as far as I :)

Thanks for the interesting proposal :) I made several small / per family member /. The children were fascinated. Vesi Congratulations!

easy and delicious