Air baked donuts

Submitted by enr on 26 Jan 2014
2 eggs
250 ml milk
125 g flour
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1/4 tsp salt
stuffing of your choice
Air baked donuts
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All ingredients should be at room temperature. With mixer, beat eggs, milk and the oil. Once pour the flour and salt. Dorazbiyte a little, until the mixture is smooth and free of lumps. Grease muffin shapes well and pour the mixture (no more than 2/3 of them). Bake in a preheated 200C oven. Bake donuts for 20-25 minutes or until they are swelling and redness. Do not open the oven door during baking. Once the donuts are baked, leave for 5 minutes into the spent oven. Then remove them with a toothpick drill a hole in each of them to come up steam. Once cool fill with stuffing donuts to your liking. Interestingly, of the bottom opening is formed, large enough to fill them without having to cut or pierce both eclairste. In fact every time I get different odd forms.
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26 Jan 2014


awesome, Reni! Tomorrow will parse recipe :) :) :) What stuffing put them?

I did them last year and is eaten still warm, so it remained for filling. The dough is very light and air. I will make them, but this time with stuffing.

The filling can be sweet and salty. In comments read that can be filled with Russian salad.

Pepi, akva7, thanks! Donuts are really air (and we ate without stuffing) :) Home prefer salty and so they filled with potatoes and mayonnaise (at the insistence of my son).

Reni, seductive look ... :) I'll give them a try! :)

Thank you, Nelly! :) Try them, you will not regret it! Prepare quickly and easily, not whims :)

They look great! Illizi you 12 pieces of this amount? Ask to know whether to roast them in the baking pan for muffins, she is 12-well, not nice to have empty nests in baking, is deformed. If not, know to roast them in mono, I have the same as your photos, they are only 6.

Thank Rally! Came to me 13 the number of donuts that amount. Well, it did not properly shaped like Yoli, not rose *obedient* and attempted to manipulated into their baking pans (inexplicably) :) :) Once filled, however, acquired a kind :) I wait to share the result as make them :)

Reni are super, go to Favorites :)

They look great, go to Favorites! Will share the outcome when they try! I hope to get!

Villas, steple, thanks! Will wait for feedback! steple, do not worry, you can not help you get :)

Wonderful photos Rennie, the recipe is easy and I'm doing them, I'm a fan of Yoli and often make her recipes.

Thank you, flowers :) I'm a big fan of Yoli. I like things that makes (and her pictures are wonderful).

They became great, filled them with chocolate. I can upload and images, but until they shoot already done! Thanks for the recipe!

ooo, forgot to mention, as tested!

steple, very glad that you liked the donuts are! And I were done today, filled them with pastry cream *Vanilla* Dr. Oetker. This time, however, poured into baking pans of muffins less of the mixture (about 1/2) and I received a well-formed (became more round). And I could not photograph them, but next time I will not miss :) :)

So we like donuts that afternoon I made them again! This recipe became our favorite snack, fast, easy and successful! This time I filled them with nothing but top coat them with strawberry jam, and I photograph them! Upload a photo. Thanks again for the wonderful recipe!

A very beautiful picture! Look so appetizing :) Bravo, steple!

Really fast and really good recipe! For a first attempt, I decided to fill with chocolate cream, but will be tested with some salty stuffing!

Eli, great look! I rotate them once-salty, sweet once (I have not yet filled them with chocolate cream, but I will not miss) ... and so again :) :)

were received great and finished in seconds.

mimetics, better look :)

Gergana, enjoy! :)

Again sweet stuffing (half with chocolate cream).

Rennie, great recipe! :) A little changed form after true, but so will eat :) :) :)

Nelly, very appetizing look with this pudding! A format ... I think you are very well received :) And home dessert tonight is the same :) :)

Rennie tonight dose is double :) love them! :) :)

Oh, Nellie, what are you doing? :) :) I see chocolate cream and guess or raspberry or strawberry? Are gorgeous! Good for you! :)

Reni, I used the cream of Dr. Oetker *OLE* chocolate and strawberry / very nice with fruit pieces, I was not used so far / !!Today shared the recipe with colleagues tomorrow will treat:) will report for feedback :) :)!

Girls, this recipe seduce me, but I do not have a metal mold for muffins, you will be in silicone molds with paper plates or stick dough pads?

Ivelina wins in straight silicone shapes without them namaznyavash or put pads. Draw very easily and then when you serve them podnesesh in paper pads with or without stuffing. Easy and always receive.

Ivelina, try them, you will like :)

Reni received is wonderful donuts (as I expected :))! Congratulations for the recipe! :) Images later.

Glad Pepi! Will wait for the pictures :)

Pepi, very beautiful photos! Donuts you look great! I made them again tonight (my men ordered them constantly) :) :)

Thank you, akva7! Rennie will try the recipe, I'm sure that will appeal donuts at home, only to come to their order. I just was not sure about the forms.

Very clever recipe! Peko in silicon molds without paper backing and without pan, donuts were detached without problem. Received number is 16. Obviously you will need to do a double dose because only convinced people to dinner before devastate new dessert. I filled them with ready cocoa-hazelnut cream. Thanks for the recipe of Reni and Yoli.

And I have made them. The taste is great, but as I pulled them from the oven and fell. :(

Ivelina, and I, like you, I am very pleased with the recipe of Yoli! I do a lot of donuts and more often we are not tired :)

nikikoleva 1982, a little left you them in the oven off before removing them?

Reni, let them, but apparently it was not enough. Next time (and it will be tomorrow), will let them stood more in the oven off.

Nicky, I think this is the reason. Try again and write what happened :)

did twice donuts today :) morning we ate by slipping a piece of cheese in the still hot donuts to melt. Afternoon made them and filled with two types of salt stuffing: the first kind, a person smoked turkey meat, cheese, hard part of a tomato, mayonnaise; Second type: tuna, fresh cucumber, mayonnaise. Really are very easy and successful!

Dobrinka, broke my record I did :) I donuts several days in a row, but twice a day ... :) :) Very glad you comment (shows that you are happy with the recipe)! I love the stuffing, which you do, you will take your ideas :)

A great recipe! I made it last night, but they filled with jam due to lack of other stuffing :). Eaten immediately. Thank you!

I'm glad you liked the donuts are, lli71! And home to eat immediately :)

Great donuts! Only hard pulled them from formata- metal for muffins, the bottom was nearly melted so. It is no, and the shape I had oiled, but otherwise does it blew ... Great!

I have shapes that are more shallow and less extensive, will produce donuts with them, does not spill and leak? Thank you.

Miglenche do not know why so received (I roast them in silicone shapes). But his shom pleased with the final result ... :)

BlueCaramel, I do not think this will be a problem :)