Fluffy banitsa

Submitted by enr on 07 Mar 2011
500 g filo pastry sheets
400 g feta cheese
500 g yogurt
9 tbsp sunflower oil
1 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp flour
4 eggs
Fluffy banitsa
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Soda is quenched in yogurt, stir with eggs and crumbled feta cheese, add the oil and flour and mix well. Take an filo pastry sheet and coated with the mixture peel grabs one end and creases of roses and turns back into a greased baking pan. Florets are arranged tightly in the tray. The remainder of the mixture is placed on top. Bake in preheated oven at moderate temperature. Turns on and bowls with a towel.
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07 Mar 2011


Taz puhkavelka seems quite tasty! We'll try! I've done something similar, but this recipe seems to me better!

desislava_pm and kyumurdjieva, thank you for your positive feedback! Enjoy your meal :).

M-m-m-m is great, congratulations. We'll do use there.

It was really fluffy and my mother in law loved it! Bravo!

Thank you, Pavlina, my mother in law also always liked her and it makes her even before me, but I taught her the recipe from my best man.

Really tasty pie. Twice already I worked on it and I am satisfied with the recipe of the products and the fulfillment .. fast, easy, tasty ...

really fluffy! And I do not greasy, is great!

most delicious pie

pastry became amazing I have not eaten in a nice until now

I am glad that he liked pastry :)

I have with these products do banitsa, but add and 5. L sugar and becomes very nice banichka :)

This pies I'm doing it for many years and did not even play to dub each sheet separately. Tuck away any crust of roses as written nelale, arrange them in a greased pan, pour the topping and bake. The secret is really in pbrashtaneta pan onto a plate and fold and to obtain and retain air in the pie. So it remains soft and fluffy and cool.

my daughter is done successfully this pie, although I looked good to me as turned it fell plotaaa, the cause of the baking pan must be the most commonly bottom where you put something like not being able to take it off asega And these modern baking pans all come off so I think, would you tell me what baking pan use, see the photo that has tan on the bottom and a simple baking pan!

steffanell, rules'm the pie in a variety of baking pans / all at my disposal, depending on how man will prepare /, are all relatively new to me. Me I never fell, but I've heard that if you put a little of the mixture on the bottom of the pie pan sticks and does not fall, I do not put because it is enough mixture on top and also filled it with what remains and its long to the bottom. I've heard that one and put very little water together with a spoon mixture on the bottom. You can try. Otherwise I recently buy one Romanian baking pans and am very pleased with them. I'm sorry I fell pastry :)

juli. d, it's an idea, if sometimes very quickly and so can make her. I generally charge it pretty quickly and basement. Once I forgot to put the flour mixture and did not like was oily somehow.

I've done it, and in a Teflon pan, but it is quite scratched and threw it in this arrangement of phyllo pastry his stick. Once you have fallen try to put in several locations of the mixture on the bottom or options with a little water and mix, I've heard that some people punch sheet to expire and the mixture sticking. :)

To me not fall pie I paint baking pan with oil

I'll try tomorrow, will put some of the mixture otdolo will take advice, thanks a lot for the quick answers!

I have read all the advice otdolo basement, turned it, and this time lasts only 3 min. And padnaaa, but this time the board put paper towels if you fall it turned easily, the next time you prepare it in the baking pan and alpaca if again I will let fall falling pie recipe. Pie was very tasty and very happy neighbors! Run pictures of my padasha pie!

I have tried different recipes, but something does not work. This recipe is very good. Get me finally and I fluffy pastry. I made it into an aluminum baking pan and fell at conversion.

pie was great. Do not even have to pay

pie became incredibly fluffy ...

:) great pie

I have no doubt that the pie is great, I can not imagine how it is wrinkled sheet of roses.

lorenza, after putting the filling grasp the edges of the crust and smash / collect / mid becomes as bundle.

Thank nelale. Eagerly read comprehensive explanation. I'm going to do this interesting recipe. Then will ward :)

so complicated it seemed to me and actually get *a breeze.* Pie really is magnificent, even the next day is eaten with relish messaging service. Bravo!

Thank you for your confidence in the recipe and I am glad that you liked it :)

nelale, yesterday I made the pie as you wrote in the recipe. Became great, I made it into alpaca-baking pan bake is nice. Only I could not turned it on bowls. Held, held, and then, as would not fall, turned back baking pan. Cooled down, then, as he began a yadeneeee! I made a photo, but she'll be next, I did not download to the computer. Thanks for the recipe for the lazy and preparation.

Lirinka, very glad that is sweetness pastry. What was the problem with turning on the bowls?

nelale, although it was super fired, there would tanned from the ceiling, just did not happen. Next time to think and put more oil in the pan. I read the comments of steffanell, for the 3 min., But to keep it 5-10 min., While deciding to unstick. The problem is that no one at home will want wait to spread its smell of hot pie and to tie bibs. It comes, I do not put to age 48, 26, 23d., What to tell you just can not wait!

Lirinka pie should not fall to come off from the baking pan ... and remain hanging in the baking pan so it becomes fluffy and not stepva.

Lirinka, as steffanell've already explained pastry should not fall from the baking pan, it

It is not as fluffy fall. Her turn let sit for 5-10 minutes.

steffanell, nelale thanks for the clarification. Obviously, I am rather keep it waiting to fall on the bowls. Banichka was fluffy. I have a good sense of humor. For me, obviously applies another pogovorka- *Who will head there hands* to hold the baking pan. Thank you, girls wish you a nice day!

Lirinka, pastry looks very appetizing :)

Wonderful pie get!

Nelly, while we were on vacation jumped to 2-3 days and the village. There again you did fluffy pastry and celebrated the grandmothers-komshiyki, middle-aged 80g. All were fascinated, began to record the recipe. The village is small and there is no Internet. In quick banichka this simply will, and for midwives would be easy. Good ADVERTISING made of 200 kilometers. from Sofia. Midwives said to congratulate you, so please be safe and sound. To cook delicious cuisine all good!

I forgot to point out only the first time I held the baking pan. Bowls already doing their job. Hee-hee-hee!

Hey, Bobby, gave me a lot of this comment, thanks for the shout of grandmothers, which reminds me of my village and make pastry:) To be healthy and they and their sweet :) Glad you like pastry. :)

Excuse me, but I did not understand - bowls on which turns the pie must be upside down and rest against the edges of the baking pan, or the pastry to *lie down* on them? Thanks in advance!
I think it sets up tomorrow, do today lazy banichka of the children :)

DaniStef, put 3 cups of the triangle and turn the baking pan. Yes, the edges of the baking pan to rely on them. Success pastry is great!

Most - quick and tasty banichka! It's a pity that I can not check what the taste and the next day - devoured immediately! Thanks for the recipe!

I'm glad you liked pastry, Danny. We are only two and usually her getting enough breakfast. Warming her a little in the oven. :)

Hello, I would like to ask how shrinks roses? Thanks in advance :)

didka8572 hello! Go from photo-TO-SEARCH RECIPES BY CATEGORY-pies-15; 16; and 19 pages are displayed. I do it by dialing leaves harmonica, folded fan and then screw it in a circle, as OHLyvche. Giving - easily eeee!

annapeeva:) Thank you very much :) :)

Hello pie did a test and now my husband wants it every other day. And today we do not bear and that village with his grandfather were Incoming.

This is the best pie with cheese, which I did and tried ever! Thank you for the excellent recipe!

I am very glad that you like pastry.