Lean sterilized salo with spices

Submitted by enr on 18 Nov 2008
1.4 kg fresh salo - unsalted
1 cup dried dill
3 heads of garlic
50 g cumin
1 cup dry savory
chilli optional
600 g of salt per 1 liter of water to the brine
Lean sterilized salo with spices
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Salo is cut into pieces, as long jar. Each is add some in ground spices. Dill should be more because it gave a very specific taste of salo. The pieces are placed close to the jars. Put them in a few cloves of garlic in each jar and make cold brine made from salt and water. The jars are sterilized 5-6 minutes in a hot oven (as to tighten the cap). The products are sufficient for 5-6 jar.
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18 Nov 2008


very interesting ... sterilization in a hot oven was not heard! Give details please

jars rank in the baking pan, make water dopolovinata baking pan and - in the oven at 300 degrees Celsius.

jars with lids are turning you in cooking?

Do not turn. For oven Development includes heating the top and bottom. Boils and - exclusion. Once they held little more than smelling of rubber cap. Thus it is a sterilizing and sauces.

Now I did slaninka so easy and convenient that sterilization in the oven locks. How many days as above is taken spices and to eat it?

One week at most and pick it up. Do not be upset by opening the jar. Summer time we have forgotten it out and did not affect the taste. I do not know, maybe keep aromatic brine.

Dlagodarya for rapid response. I did 4 jar but as outside it becomes warm May all will do so. I again thank you for this method of sterilization will my benefit not only fat but also other winter supplies here it is forbidden to light a fire this idea is just super

most delicious made from pig's cheeks