Meat in sailor

Submitted by enr on 29 Jul 2009
300 g veal fillet
2 onions
300 g potatoes
1 pepper
20 g butter
200 ml dry white wine
sunflower oil, black pepper, salt, bay leaf
parsley for sprinkling
Meat in sailor
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Fillet cut into portioned pieces are crushed to thinned and seasoned with salt and pepper. Chop crescent as its layers separate. Potatoes are cut into thin rings (about 3 mm), and the pepper strips. In a heated pan with the butter and a little sunflower oil fry the fish fillets on both sides and are released into the pan, which is pre-greased with sunflower oil. Fry in a new fat onions and ranks on the fillets. Salt with salt and pepper. On onion potatoes rank and above them and pepper, add salt again with salt and pepper, add the wine and bay leaves. Fsunflower wrap with oil and bake for a moderate oven 180 C for about an hour - hour and 15 minutes. The last 10 minutes outta fthe oil to get tan potatoes and peppers. Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley.
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29 Jul 2009


tastes kind will put mandatory. And Vince just cooking used?

:) and else ...

VERY tasty! Bravo!

It was very tasty yastieee.

I could not see anything sailor in this recipe. In addition to potatoes get sunburn, not that baked ... May there is a difference ... but the Bulgarian language is not my mother :)

I Yala meat sailor, the products are the same, the taste of what I've tried is slightly sawn because there sauce, but this is a variation of the cook, the important thing is that it is very tasty! A sailor's why - because the sailors are people who are accustomed to eating tabietliyski dishes with selected products having hit the road once (and now) the ship is always loaded with the best of everything. Not in vain to cook on the ship say *mother* - :)

After the first reading the recipe, I got the impression that baking is not in foil in a baking dish! Will definitely try and write how you received. The idea for the preparation of the dish I liked!