Ordinary cookies

Submitted by enr on 21 Sep 2008
1 cup lard or butter
1/2 cup yogurt
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp ammonia soda
1 vanilla
Ordinary cookies
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Involved soft dough. Formed into balls, which are arranged in a greased pan with sunflower oil. Smeared with yolk, sprinkle with sugar and bake in preheated oven.
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21 Sep 2008


MAC become more beautiful.

Great are obtained. I made them with margarine and also become very delicious ... mekichki. Children attacked them while they are still hot! :) I knew them these kurabiiki from my grandmother, but I have forgotten some products ... I'm glad I found them here!

Our favorite cookies

The fat must be melted or is not necessary?

mmm favorites from my childhood. they are great

soft oil or melted so that it is convenient for the kneading of dough.

Well cookies are super hard with this 1/2. L ammonia soda. Last year I did and then we break your teeth .. As I asked my grandmother after the fact said that put no less than 10 years ammonia soda ...

Do you know how much 10 grams? This is the first packet of ammonia soda. With such Qty soda really you could not eat them. I've done it hundreds of times in exactly the manner and always with excellent results.

Yes I imagine imagine how 10 grams! The first time a small amount rezultatar - lamentable, then village midwife put one packet and makes them machine - mekichki and delicious cookies ... I do not know what caused it.

http: // www. 24chasa. bg / Article. asp? ArticleId = 65532 here in the same way that only 3 bags for 5-6 baking pans do not know .. maybe in our region so make them ..

and I agree most strongly amonyachchnata soda is small, my recipe is; 1h. including yogurt, 1cup sugar 4yaytsa, 1h. including oil, 1ts baking soda, 2 packets of ammonia soda (extinguish in milk), flour for soft dough. Are great, there are pictures :)

zlatka, the pictures are very nice :) I will definitely try your recipe for Easter. Thank you very much.

I have prepared them, will upload photos later, I take the liberty to write the products of the recipe (hopefully seavto rkata not be offended) 1 cup yogurt + 1 again. ammonia soda, 4 eggs 1/2 cup + 2 sugar 3-4 cups +1 flour baking powder, 1 h. am fat, orange peel chopped, 1 beaten egg spreads. With this recipe I hope to resolve the dispute about the amount of am. soda!

perunika, thanks for the recipe. I do not like to argue, just share with other site what happened to the cookies last year, using this weight of am. soda.

Nothing, I'm glad I can help tshe. Enjoy your tasty :)

Many were delicious. Congratulations to the recipe, Benny!

I made sweet last night were wonderful ... m / u others were done with lard and are super! Bravo

cookies are super, were great! Thanks for the recipe :) For those of you not being received, apparently not complied with the recipe :) Happy Holidays :)

recipe sounds great. Will try mandatory. I read some complaints about amonchnata soda, maybe the problem comes from the fact that is not described in the recipe that ammonia soda pregasyava always in yogurt or if you encapsulates such is pregasyava in a little vinegar. Try it and see what is the result. I hope it will get better. And other times I have said, we should be more detailed explanations for the preparation of the recipes.

Can this recipe to have to repay, but certainly not for all. Germans use ammonia soda very often and for many recipes when it comes to solid, heavy dough that will bake casseroles FLAT - like gingerbread, Christmas cookies, dough 1-2-3. None of them soda is not extinguished in advance. On the contrary, the dough is allowed hours to rest, before being shaped and baked, and that only days, and baked with baking soda ammonia are lasting for months, just like soda that gives them durability. These are all baked goods that are prepared weeks before consumption and more stand, become more delicious. I've heard that once was left Christmas biscuits from one Christmas to the next, and not only did not decay and are becoming unique taste. One time soda is obtained by heating grated antlers and so is said to this day in Germany - salt of antlers (Hirschhornsalz). There are dozens of recipes and no soda is not extinguished :) For high casseroles and cakes as slakishi know that not bake with ammonia soda, because it gives more volume width, not height, and because ammonia can not izvetree the high cake.

are right to some extent. Ammonia soda does not *quench* and is activated by interaction of the base with an acid. Moreover, because the crystalline structure is not only hygroscopic, but easily efflorescent, if not properly insulated. Once, not held together ammonia soda with vanilla in paper bags, sachets because artificial vanilla browning and vanilla simply vanish. Well, I do not know why I received, but a fact. Nothing prevents to poaktivira, ie. Is to check how to fit in acid, and it was yogurt or something else. Moreover, as in the cake, if a greater amount will not feel so. I wonder how no one explained it this far. Secretions guild:) Used only in crackers, since ammonia ions which are obtained by baking was evaporated from the lower surfaces, as opposed to the baking soda, whose degradative ions remain in the roast inside. It is also used in cookies, because the ammonia soda ash is activated by heat instead of liquid, such as baking soda. In cookies, especially hard - with more flour, liquid, no one knows how many to have nabuhnat ammonia soda. In some recipes use both. During the antlers (casein used are burnt in them obtaining ammonium bicarbonate), there was no more sodium bicarbonate t. Baking soda and is therefore used for bulking ammonia soda. At the same time, and yeast is not there, and have used yeast yeast or brewer's yeast - residues from production

beer. Today as E's have that guess who enjoys what :).

This is a classic in the cookies from the time of my grandmother and remain a staple in the mess kitchen are amazing! :)