Layered cake from ready rolls

Submitted by enr on 29 May 2008
3 ready rolls 200 g with taste optional
400 g sour cream
500 g chocolate spread
10 g gelatin (1 packet)
1 banana
4 seepage Breakfast
Layered cake from ready rolls
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A deep Cup, which will shape the cake covered with foil. The rolls are cut into pieces about 1.5 cm and rank on the walls and bottom of the bowl. In a deep bowl, whipped cream and chocolate. Gelatin was dissolved in 1/3 cup water, wait 10 minutes and put in microwave for 10 seconds. Put it in a cream-chocolate mixture and stir for 2-3 minutes. With half the ordered mixture is poured into the bowl rolls, cover with sliced ​​banana and cover izspiva remaining mixture. Biscuits slightly wet with water and arrange on top. The bowl is placed in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours to harden, then carefully turned on a tray.
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29 May 2008


The recipe is very nice, but at least write source. And for an hour gelatin is a bit difficult to tighten, nice to make small changes, but do not mislead people. The recipe is from Leo BGMamma.

recipe is Leo, nice but quite calorie.

I also made the cake from another source. Was very tasty, but stay overnight. Became superb. Must try this anti-diet cake.

Cake is very impressive! No matter whose it is, the important thing is that it is shared and we can all Her happy :) I made it with Bavarian cream, biscuits and naplastih underwent a cake instead of biscuits *Breakfast*. The glaze is chocolate. The figures are from fondant modeling.

Wow beauty emi03 to ask - where is bought fondant modeling? Thank you in advance.

Bandidas, I searched ready fondant, but unfortunately in Pernik could not find :( You can order online, but had to wait. I made this at home, here's a link to the recipe: Захарен fondant modeling figurines

viliya, very beautiful cake you did. Looks so appetizing.

Thank you, delicious is

is perfect!

very fast and impressive! subject to any improvisation!