Paprikovana salo

Submitted by enr on 17 Nov 2008
fresh salo
cabbage juice
ground cumin
Paprikovana salo
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Salo is cut into 10x10 cm. Cabbage juice is put to boil. Salo is placed in the juice and boil 10 minutes. Remove, dry and well add some in premixed spices. Wind up in plastic and refrigerate.
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17 Nov 2008


second year prepare bacon in this way and I am very pleased. Store it in the camera.

always my mother in law making that fat, I do not love her, but you can try some time now for the first year fillet deer did, but dry and if it will get nice pictures and recipe

Oleee, Ina, great looks slaninkata! If you know how long I did not eat, but these diets lately ... You sweet heart, to eat a morsel for me! :) :) :)

It was very tasty and tender. A diet - a sweet prevents from slaninkata, and she is small, so quickly done, especially as there are helpers who did not want to look at her, even now looking for her every day! :)

Ina, I love slaninkata prepared in this way. Removing it from the freezer and then cut the thin, thin is a wonderful appetizer, while hot bread just does not feel how it ends. I also think that by eating less no harm.

I will share with you how to eat fat prepared in Kazanlak - regardless of how it is stored is cut into 6-7 mm thin, put it on the coals / may open grill / to warm, take off, watered with cold water and it becomes almost transparent. Thus not felt her fat. Slaninkite seemed kapselovat. And fat is what I read recently -…

Girls, I also prepare bacon you buy from a store or a grandmother in the market, but to the mixture and put on paprikovane Qimen powder. He is perhaps most fragrant supplement and is very suitable for paprikovane and different types of meats. Applause and pictures ... are wonderful and very appetizing. Bravo!

Milenka so do I - thinly sliced ​​on a slice of bread, usually with tea and dinner is ready! :) And not every day! :)

Bonnie, very deliciously prepared slaninka in this region! :) And the article confirms what I wrote - at least no harm! :)

Nelly, thanks! A chimenat fenugreek or is it something else? Read conflicting opinions / some say in the sense that it is not the same, others - that is the same. I had not thought, but I like fenugreek, is likely to add. :) Thanks for the recipe!

I think it is the same ... it says in Wikipedia: *In the modern Bulgarian literary language was adopted with Qimen naming only the seeds or spice derived from the grinding dust. The name Fenugreek naming all razstenie or green parts, which are used as a culinary herb. *I use it for many years. Plant tell him *horns Myrodata* ... ha ha ... fun, but because the pod with seeds like the horns, so her baptized. Put in sauerkraut in beans and I like the taste. And the seeds are called Qimen and this is one of the main ingredients of the mixture for paprikovane. Best to buy seeds and make them brave, because you never know what sold and not worth a person to spoil slaninkata. Enjoy your meal :)

Can another acid instead of cabbage juice? Naprimen diluted lemon juice?

Annie, see this recipe, if they suit - Сланина spices