Layered cake Milka

Submitted by enr on 27 Nov 2010
# For the bases:
10 egg whites
250 g of powdered sugar
300 g ground hazelnuts (roasted and peeled), if you do not - try walnuts
2 tbsp flour
# For the cream:
10 yolks
1 liter milk
3 pudding with cooking (cream or vanilla) powder
250 g butter (soft)
300 g of milk chocolate
300 g white chocolate
3 tbsp flour
150 g sugar
100 ml pastry cream
20 g gelatin
Layered cake Milka
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The bases: Beat the egg whites and sugar foam, add finely ground nuts and flour and mix with a spatula. Bake 3 equal the base in a preheated 180 C oven. Follow the bases during baking, because it quickly. Let them cool completely. Cream: Put 800 ml milk to a boil, be careful not to burn. In the remaining 200 ml cold milk mix well with mixer the egg yolks, flour and puddings. Remove a little hot milk from the heat and add a lot of trickle down towards the egg-pudingovata mixture. Stir intensively to not cross the yolks and so to complete mixing of products. Return the cream on the stove and a very low level it cook until thick. Remove it from the heat. Prepare gelatin according to instruction (below) and mix it with cream - part of the cream is gradually added into the gelatin, stir to combine completely and then mix everything. Once the cream is cool, add the broken foam cream and soft butter and beat until uniform. Divide the cream into 2 parts, one part to put melted in a water bath (required) white chocolate, and to the other side - milk chocolate brown, melted again in a water bath. Assemble the cake in pan with removable ring, alternating base, cream, base, cream, base and cream finally. Decorate your liking. Leave the cake in the refrigerator mandatory overnight to harden cream, and can be cut. * The recipe is for a tray with 24 cm diameter. * How to work with gelatin : 1. Mess up your main mix (cream filled cake or other). It is important that you be ready to not miss the moment when you put gelatin (temperature). 2. In the cup with 3-4 tbsp lukewarm (not cold, not hot) water (that measures 20 g gelatin) pour packets and wait to swell to particles (looks like a transparent semolina as swell). 3. A water bath over low heat, put the gelatin, as you can add about 1/2 cup more water (otherwise then will quickly thicken and will not happen). 4. Once it becomes a thick homogeneous syrup (such as that of baklava) to remove it from the fire. It is very important to be on low heat and gelatin does not boil. 5. Leave it to cool by not checking it begins to gel. Can your finger to probvash- mixture should be pleasantly warm, not hot. 6. With stirring it added to the basic mixture. Nice mix, to avoid sharpening thread. The basic mixture should not be cold. 7. Immediately put in the chamber or refrigerator. You first 10-ish minutes in the chamber to toughen the gelatin and then immediately in the refrigerator. * Ratio 10 g gelatin: 250-300 ml fluid is used for strong tightening, as decorate the cake. * Ratio 10 g gelatin: 500 ml liquid is used for cream cake
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27 Nov 2010


awesome! Surely the latter must become better and nuts, I do those of another cake. When you will nakanya to do this Milka ... :)

Oh, look great goodies will soon try my birthday. I just want to ask about the latter must, baking pan with the diameter is to not mess anything.

bobibb, the baking pan is 24 cm. S obligatory cake is assembled in unbuckle baking pan so it is easy to maintain and tselosta ... for a long time in the fridge to harden well :) :)

Brida many thanks for the reply:-) This information gelatin is also very useful. Next week I will write what I was poluchilo-

cheerful, very good recipe to go. Thank you for the info with gelatin. I melt it in MW, for so I was easier.

These products cake will surely be great. Bravo for the recipe.

courage and made it and not sorry. Great taste, I have not tried a similar cake. In my opinion, the latter must become lighter than the original picture, but that does not prevent us to do it for one day.

bobibb ... well done, great photos :) well done and the author of which I borrowed January

Great cake! I made her about December 8 and now again will do for the birthday of my son. All much admired.

I did it on my sister's birthday, all impressed ... for now is number one in my book :) bobibb and my cake became bright, perhaps because hazelnuts were slightly browned as you can peel them but ... ummm ... went to the Alps :)

And I will do for the birthday child, as all say that it is great to taste.

Big cake - very tasty, very juicy, with lots of cream. The dose in the recipe becomes a big cake (obtained three ponds in large pan from the oven). Is not the most appropriate to cover with fondant, but I decked it like.

Elti, beautiful decoration, very well handle more accurately, excellent!

sounds very interesting and delicious cake, now I only noticed it should be put at the appropriate time. Delicious pictures!

Thank you, neli1100 :)!

Great recipe! A performance of Elti is amazing!

Well done, excellent performance.

sladki64e, i4eto3421, thanks for the compliments. A cake is really good taste.

Diana, a beautiful cake!

Thank you very much :)

great looks cake, Diana!

Many beautiful cake!

Long invite her to do and behold, I found the time. Cake do like taste, I request again to make it :) Bravo for delicious recipe :)

Hello! :) I really do like this recipe - I read the comments and feedback encourage me more to do and I. I do have a few questions - first, how to bake the latter must - make one and cut into 3 parts, or bake 3 separate? Second: can be changed misaligned baking pan - should become less cake if it is larger by several centimeters diameter baking pan, right .. in effect nothing more? and third: if you want a small cake / like to try HepC / can I halved all solid product, or not? Sorry for the many vaprosti, but ... do not do cakes often, but this much I want to do and everything is as it should ode. Thanks in advance! :)

oh..izvinyavayte mistakes - something I was not well received in writing phone: s

recipe seems leavened and would like to try it. I have a question: pudding powder with what weight should be and 3 packages are not a lot?

Milica latter must be prepared separately, if halved use form 13 to 14 cm, but should not be shallow to be able to accommodate and cream ...if you use a baking dish, divide your mixture into 3 bowls latter must, before winning the second and third smash a few seconds the mixture with a mixer! jufa not worry puddings are not many rules ... I cake with different brands puddings and no problem for the weight of a package can not think but WATCH and clarify ...

I probvm recipe, but never saw where they put 150 grams of sugar?

I made the cake a year ago, maybe more. Sugar, in the original writing, *you can put sugar to 800 ml of milk or egg yolks.* Format, to me filled to the brim shape 28 cm. Cream is too rich taste of pudding (Dr. Oetker), chocolate is not felt at all. As products become pricey, but personally I'm not so delighted vkusa- not that tasty, but there are other good cakes that to try.