Quick cake with jam

Submitted by enr on 04 Jan 2009
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1 cup water
2 cup flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 cup Jam
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Quick cake with jam
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All products are mixed in the sequence. Pour the mixture into a buttered and floured baking tray and bake in a moderate oven for about 20-30 minutes. Once cool sprinkle with powdered sugar and cut into diamonds.
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04 Jan 2009


Really quick cake. I would replace the water with milk.

I guess it will be tasty and fresh milk.

Very well it seems. Just tell me how much evenly inflate? Because we almost always me me krivi- cakes in the pan.

Milencha guess it from the oven - I made my husband to level it as we bought it.

Today I made the cake, really easy, good looks and tastes great.

Thank you Kami, if you use plum jam is delicious!

At the moment I do, but he put the milk. I popped in the middle (but we'll see in the final.

scrumptious cake get! Great recipe! I did it with apple jam and that was good.

Truly magnificent cake. Dnesgo and I did. A really good recipes.

I know this recipe as *Lazy strudel*, these products add cinnamon, chopped walnuts and chopped apples. Usually in the winter instead of apples, put some sweet / apples, plums, or whatever you /. Top sprinkle again with icing sugar. INSURANCE it.

When there really is apple strudel, but I use jam.

instead of a glass of water I do this cake with a cup of soda. Becomes much more fluffy.

We'll try and soda, I have not looked back since. Otherwise reluctant once I made pie with fanta ...

Maggie, I do pie always with sprite. Is super! So here will be an advantage!

This site gives wonderful ideas! Rally, it is interesting what share! :)

hello. Jam in the middle you put or mix with remaining mixture?

Pour inside the dough. Some of my guests once asked him, thinking that I put honey!

is incredible! I do it often ... often much like home! Thumbs up you beat Maggie;)

And to me blew bubbles on top :(

great cake, yesterday I did it a couple of times and ate everything!

I do, but put and cinnamon. Quick and delicious!

I put walnuts and bruised! easy and delicious cake!

I have no words quickly and tasty :) but to see how it works with strawberry jam :)

mihaelaivanova, today wonder what cake to do, and remind me time :) Thank you!

magi you become super sweet to me :)

Maggie, and whether it will go with sweet apples that otherwise do not have now?

Desi becomes all sweet - even with pieces of fruit!

Thank you Maggie for answers. I'm starting to do it.

It was very fast and very tasty. Super is. Upload photos.

bravo great look is very tasty

Desi, nice pictures you put, thank you all!

Today I did it again, again with sweet apples that have a lot of it. Became better than the first time. Will try with another jam. And pictures photographed by telephone and then in the evening and have a good quality. Thanks again for easy and delicious cake.

The last time I put 3 tablespoons of sweet quince and 1kch blueberry jam - no fruit. Again became delicious, and cleared the jars. Desi, thank you again!

and I so whatever I have left and mesh them with everything becomes tasty :)

gorgeous cake ... putting on the table with nothing left)

It is a compliment to me, thank you :)

Momi4eta, very nice recipe, but I want to ask, baking flour, you put? Not okay and baking powder?

Eli, baking soda put her in the flour, baking powder but with it! Boast how you received :)

And I do it with baking powder. After I learned the recipe, I've done it already to 15pati. Once again thank Maggie.

Biwa him cake. I did it with strawberry jam and was very pleasant.

It is very tasty! I've done with different jam and always gets.

I made a cake with jam hips. I open a jar from which I had only sweet and blind and could not stay. I decided it and the result is great. I added walnuts and cinnamon. Bravo!

Thank you, next time will put walnuts that I liked the idea :)

Extremely easy and quick recipe, immediately became one of my favorite sweets ...

I put grated apple, walnuts and cinnamon. It was a very tasty cake. Maggie, thanks for the nice recipe.

Well, maybe I can try apples, and without this I now home! Thank you :)

It was divine ... I'm not good at sweets and happy to become ... My husband is happy that this time will not discard the product, and will eat a nice and sweet cake ... 6 ++++++ from me for the recipe ...

dudeslavka, what can I say except thank you!

cake is great! Bravo for the idea!

Wassink, and thank you :)