Quick eggs with sauce

Submitted by enr on 26 Nov 2009
50 ml sunflower oil
4-5 tbsp flour
1 tsp paprika
4-5 cup water
4-5 eggs
Quick eggs with sauce
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Fry the flour in the oil with the salt. Add the red pepper to fry and immediately pour the water, stirring constantly. As it thickens and boils are broken eggs directly into the sauce. Allow to boil slightly.
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26 Nov 2009


I like a lot, my mother was making them that way!

interesting! Will surely be tested.

I do this quick dinner. Becomes very tasty. I add 1 chicken blvd. And savory.

recipe reminds me of my university years, a roommate taught me very easy, economical and filling dish, perfect for hungry students :) only that she first bump eggs in water to boil, and then made the sauce separately as service water in which mumbo eggs

And to me that my recipe is known from childhood, so simple and yet so delicious meal!

known recipe from my mom! Very tasty meal :)

This recipe know it under the name *CHOLBUR*. One time my father home produce it as kalpazanka e wrote, but he was adding and crumbled cheese! I make it two times, but as it is a simple recipe, I could not rig as his CHOLBUR. Ah, memories ... and it was quite tasty!

Easy and delicious.