Chicken gardening

Submitted by enr on 19 Oct 2008
1 chicken (chicken, duck, turkey) about 1 kg
6 tbsp sunflower oil
3 onions
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tbsp flour
1 tsp paprika
1 cup wine
3-4 carrots
1 head celery
250 g mushrooms
200-250 g peas
2-3 potatoes
5-6 tomatoes
Chicken gardening
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The bird is cleared, washed and cut into pieces. Meat fry in 3 tbsp sunflower oil and red when in the same oil fry the finely chopped onion, tomato paste, flour and paprika. Pour hot water and wine and boil on medium heat. Separately in 3 tbsp sunflower oil sauté the carrots and celery, cut into small cubes and place to eat. Put them mushrooms and potatoes, coarsely chopped and peas. Once they are polusvaryat, add coarsely chopped tomatoes. Before served meal sprinkle with chopped parsley.
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19 Oct 2008


I prepared the dish with turkey. Became tasty, but was a little mestse suhichko. Overall recipe is good, but will and put a low estimate because no spices (bay leaf, allspice, black pepper, savory), lack even clarification when put salt. Not written about how much water is put. Very preparation is not explained sufficiently accessible for beginners:-)

In recipes that contain in its name *on gardening*, not put spices that do not grow in the garden and those that are not green So the recipe is exactly as it should be. Its scent of vegetables, not allspice and pepper.

will get and photos. Just to add that I choked everything in the oven!

Well, I do not mind! I just explained why put such an assessment. I love spices simply:-)

Well, Kathy, has recipes and spices that I mean! The recipe is not mine should not hurt, her marked down. Does chicken gardening makes chicken with vegetables or whatever else you want. Then you will not feel that something is missing. That's it. :-)

I like the recipe. Goes to favorites.

juicy chick male, male nothing to add!

If you put spices like bay leaf, allspice, etc. will become *stewed chicken.* Thank Aliana - rights is. Salt really dont forget to sign in products. It is normal to put a boil when the dish.

I do too much I like this recipe ...

It looks very tasty'll opitam1

I did it and it was awesome ... Thanks for the recipe ..

I did it and it was amazing! ...

I like a lot and I love her try things with lots of vegetables.

recipe is great. I made it with chicken legs. I added green beans (beans only). Everything else I have stored. It was very tasty.

looks great :)

Mmm, looks great :) Bookmark

Bravo! Became a superb dinner!

Easy and successful recipe. A wine gives an even better taste.

I added a few cloves of garlic and then zapekoh in the oven. Became wonderful!

start ... but I want to ask whether it is delicious turkey me without flour and potatoes?

Of course it will be delicious! There are enough products. Moreover, it may be added and others, such as green beans, zucchini. Flour puts a slight thickening of the dish. With impatience will wait for review.

Well ... I did not dare to risk. Observe strict recipe. Only flour economist, but I put more potatoes, then blend some of them and so did compression. Was very delicious turkey. Licking his fingers ... Thanks for the great recipe!

I am glad that you liked. Risking boldly, there will come a good thing.

That's what is called *deliciously dish*. Undergoing various improvisations with vegetables, looking casually, but I would even suggest it to *important* guests. Eat meat very often, but in this kind I loved it. Ina, congratulations for your delicious recipes !!! I wish to place an *excellent*, but there is no such option on the tab to the right.

Darina, thanks for the high score! I do this dish and other meat in the pressure cooker / did I use it almost daily /. Then you can in the oven. And quite right - you can improvise with available products.

Great Spring recipe! 6 plus!

I do something similar, but with legs, because my boys do not eat white meat of chicken, but I add one soup *Maggie* optional (I put mushroom) thus enhances the flavor of the mushrooms (for those who love them ) and there is no need to put flour

Very tasty dish, I zaparzhih all products, then poured it into a baking dish, I poured hot water and zapekoh! Became great, only instead put peas peppers because my husband does not like peas! Thanks for the nice recipe :)

several times already prepare this dish. Rating - excellent! Bravo!

Thanks to all who trust the recipe! Glad you like me, and additions that it vary the more.

Because I'm still a beginner, I would like to ask, does it matter what the wine is white or red?

cvetelina1984, in general, the chicken goes white wine. But of the many recipes that I have read, I get the impression that when vegetables to chicken can be added and red wine. Just be careful, the scent of the wine not to *drown* the flavor of the other ingredients.

Very, very tasty dish out.

Elti, very nice picture! Glad you and you liked the dish.

It was very tasty! I cooked with red wine, such as I had available, but get perfect-thanks for the recipe! :)

Alyona, and I thank you that you have confided to me the recipe and I am glad that you have been delicious!

I did it with chicken and put red wine. Instead of salt - pikantina. Became great!

minakaneva, I'm glad that you enjoyed your meal. Anyone can try different vegetables and spices to suit your taste.

Much is yummy, and added green beans and baked in casseroles, Ina super recipe :)

Maggie appreciate your evaluation! Enrich your dish with green beans and imagine how tasty happened in casseroles. Image is very tempting :)

I did it with two types of white wine Chardonnay and Pinot looked after and a whole jar of peas finally Roasted in the oven

rominavegas, these wines and baked hope you was even more delicious! :)

Ina, stahotna recipe, and very very tasty:) I make it in often because of all the home much like us. Next time I'll get a picture.

Manuela, thank you! I am glad that you tested the recipe and then approve:) I look forward to photos! :)

Bravo. Became a great dinner and ate very berzo

Tony, thanks for the favorable comment - nice when the dish is eaten quickly! :)

It was wonderful and very tasty!

isim, I'm glad that you were satisfied with the meal! :)