Soft cookies cheesecake with cherries and chocolate

Submitted by enr on 29 May 2013
400 g popcorn cottage cheese or cream cheese
1 cup sugar
125 g soft butter
1 egg
vanilla (orange flavor)
1 and 1/2 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
125 g tea biscuits
fresh cherries
100 g chocolate spread
Soft cookies cheesecake with cherries and chocolate
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With mixer mix the cottage cheese (cream the feta cheese) and sugar until smooth cream, then add the butter - melted slightly. Add the egg, vanilla or other flavor to your taste (I chose orange). Sift flour with baking powder and pour in the feta cheese. Stir with agitators for severe test. You should get a soft sticky dough, which much like the eclairovo dough. Wrap the dough in the fridge for a while to cool before proceeding further (I missed this time). Chop biscuits or grind them in a blender. Judge for yourself whether to have fine crumbs or larger, the purpose of coarse to nibble after baking. I commend you and cocoa biscuits - with white dough combine very well. Of course, they may add nuts or replace them with white biscuits with butter or honey. With a spoon shape ball of dough and place it in the biscuit crumbs. Roll it in them. Likewise shape the whole lump. Place the balls on a tray covered with baking paper. Clean pitted cherries and sweet in every place at plodche pressing gently. Bake cookies in a preheated 180C for 15-20 minutes or until they turn a nice tan. Once cool pour with chocolate spread. For me personally, chocolate finish completely taste and give a sophisticated look of the cookies I recommend be consumed chilled, if you have the patience to wait for more the next day is even better.
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29 May 2013


These cookies do them for years and always the result is the essence very tasty, aromatic and soft

Thanks for the comment Miroslava! Today celebrated the occasion with their colleagues, just like before ka

like that before to share the recipe, I wanted to gather opinions about the taste of cookies. All impressed by the appearance and taste them! :)

Cookies are very nice! I did not make them, but tried them (colleagues :) I'm perfectly combines the taste of cottage cheese with that of cherries and chocolate! Become very mekichki and aromatic!

Reni, thanks! :)

Pepi, but can you give me one and throw me :) I really like, we will try to put them now to favorites :)

With the greatest pleasure, Villas, stayed a few more! :) I sincerely hope you can stay happy with the recipe!

Pepi, thank you for shared recipe, have a unique sweet taste became our favorite :)

Villas, very very happy! :) Great photos you've done!

Villas have a question. Cookies with cherries you bake them?

Yes with cherries, but those in the picture are replaced with fresh in both versions are great, I think that jam also would be nice :)

For sweet and I thought ... for example strawberries. :)

Pepi, Willie took up my eyes! ;) Recipe tossed it to favorites, and the pictures can not separate eyes. Auuu, May Shedding more! Girls, thank you for the recipe and beautiful photos! Please write what amount / units / out? Congratulations! :)

Bobby, thanks for the nice words! :) Regarding numbers where Me is received slightly longer than 40. You'll be glad you like Villas, to delight in the recipe!

Bobby, I'm glad that you liked the pictures are gorgeous sweet taste, try them necessarily in me came out about 35-40 pieces.

Girls, thank you! :) In the near future will see them sets up. I have noticed that our tastes are very similar. I do not doubt that my family will remain fascinated! ;)

Today biscuits prepared and were very tasty. Inside me became humid though not cooked I do not know so you have to be?

Stefi, cookies stay soft and moist on the inside, such dough can not dry and crumbly biscuit dough as usual! Cherry juice also moisturizes extra! I am glad that you have been delicious! :)

Pepi, very successful recipe! In general I do not like cakes with cottage cheese and cream cheese, but the cookies look very tempting photos! I made them with chocolate flavor. It was good! As for sweet, I think that with fresh cherries, as in the recipe is better ... give them a fresh taste! I do not regret them prepared! All at home were pleased !! :)

Nellie, thank you for your trust! I rarely write reviews, so accept this as a compliment to the recipe! :) Greetings! :)

Pepi, groomed them today, as I promised! ;) For me and are great household will like them! I admit I do not have the appearance as yours with Villas! Next time I'll try more. I worked 2 in 1 cooked and I did both and cookies. Thanks for the recipe, it remains to favorites! :) However, I will upload pictures of my invention! ;)

Bobby, are very nice and straight rods wonderful!

Bobby, great so you do! Enjoy your meal! :)

Thank you girls! You are very kind. After dinner, as well attended them cookies that almost done! Family, assess EXCELLENT! :)

its unique! Very beautiful in appearance and taste ... it did! Bravo for a great recipe!

Lqna, the biggest compliment for a kulinarka that prepared quickly, quickly disappeared from the table! Thank you for your trust! :)

Splendid! Pepi, I got interested less in the decoration :) Besides the broken biscuits, roll them in colored coconut, walnuts and almonds. So far I have not watering chocolate (still warm) :)

Finish them already meadows :)

Rennie May today each other trying the recipes look? :) Great so you do, I'm glad you're happy! :)

Delicious! Pepi, did not like to do cookies, however these cookies always sacrifice :) :) Very tasty!

Rennie, good for you! The idea with grapes is great in this season when cherries are missing ... mmm priyadoha me! :)

Pepi, these are the most frequently-made cookies at home! And most favorite! :) This time have blackberries. Are wonderful!

Happy Hello! Yesterday I made them all and love them. But instead of cottage cheese, put cheese River and again became. Thanks for the goodies, Sunny Day ...