Roasted chili

Submitted by enr on 03 Aug 2009
2 kg chilies
500 ml vinegar on 6%
1 liter of water
100 g salt
50 g sugar
100 ml sunflower oil
4 links dill
2 cloves garlic
Roasted chili
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Chushletata Wash and cutting a part of the stalk. Lightly roasted. Water, vinegar, salt and sugar are cooked. While still hot the mixture was soaked chushletata and aged for 5 minutes. Remove and arrange in 1 liter jars - row peppers, finely chopped dill order and garlic. Pour mixture to cool. Closed with caps or cellophane. Stored in a cool place.
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03 Aug 2009


I put parsley. And sometimes add finely chopped cucumber.

What cucumber-gherkin you?

And so I do them very delicious!

No matter what the cucumber, you only need to be finely chopped.

Because I can not vote, that I did with another recipe, write it so chushletata are very nice. I were done right.

with the necessary products and have oil and the description of preparing it nyama- when and where to put. otherwise become great and winter are incredible immunostimulant

in the marinade

And I put the oil when they bake in the oven. Nor do and marinade and snuggle chushletata in oil and vinegar, and all the above mentioned things. And if I stay place, pour hot water, never defeat this epta REC.

I do this for years recipe, but do not boil the brine and in each jar / jam / put 1 tsp equal 1 tablespoon salt equal sugar parch chushletata warm them fill in the jar with vinegar and valleys close. I did not fail, never reduces spiciness and last for years.

Great recipe. After filling the jars put a little oil, then sealed. Enjoy your meal.

is already a tradition and present all winter on the table :)

every year, with the only difference that no brew marinade.

I did it last year and we like :)