Shortcake ready peel

Submitted by enr on 05 Apr 2009
400 g ready peel
125 g butter
1 liter milk
1 cup sugar
5 tbsp flour overcrowded
4 yolks
4 egg whites
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup ground walnuts
Corey baked to pale brown with the butter. Cool sheets are covered with cream made from milk, sugar, flour and egg yolks. Allow to cool. The four egg whites are broken down with sugar. Cake sprinkled with plenty of walnuts and coated with egg white snow. Bake on the top wire of 150 C for 10 minutes.
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05 Apr 2009


Eli, the recipe is very interesting! Bravo! Little unclear ... written baking pan is placed three times in the oven right? The first time just peel and butter. The second time with a mixture of eg. Milk and the third time with the whites.

Yes rightly understood. First phyllo with butter. Cool. The second time with the cream. Cool. Third time with the whites.

Eli, thank you! Will try with pleasure.

This cake is a creamy Eli asks you?

Something like it, but the difference is that it is three lines: pastry cream and proteins.