Spindle Rodopian

Submitted by enr on 17 Jan 2011
1 kg mince mixture
7 eggs
150 g carrots
400 g gherkins
200 g bread
200 ml sunflower oil
350 g breadcrumbs
1 bunch parsley
1/2 tsp pepper
Spindle Rodopian
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Bread soak in cold water and drained. Izmesva with minced meat, 2 eggs, half the parsley, half black pepper and salt. If minced meat becomes too soft, add 2-3 tbsp breadcrumbs and seasoned with more salt. In separate vessels Boil 2 eggs, carrots and cucumbers. Grate in large pieces (it is desirable after grated cucumbers, to squeeze out of the water) and mix. Add chopped parsley and sprinkle with remaining black pepper and salt. Minced meat is izmesva and it formed a large meatball with weight about 120g, razpleskva and in the middle put 1 tbsp of filling. Bends and forms a spindle. Add some bread crumbs, then in the other beaten egg. Fry continued in hot sunflower oil.
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17 Jan 2011
* I cook Zhivkov * - Jordan Stoichkov


interesting will surely try it.

I liked the recipe and pictures are tempting. Ina, impress me with carrot flower, could you explain how you do it?

I'm sure it will be very tasty! Looks like fried meatloaf. And certainly for those who do not need to eat fried and can be fried in the pan.

This time master's daughter, is my arrangement. Do not make them like spindle and as meatballs, but so is eaten. Shaped spindle will be more original. akva7 - carrot cut into slices with a knife and cut grooves. Or pre-cut grooves in the carrot and then cut into circles.

Milenka fully their rights - and if I do, I'll bake.

recipe is nice today and I do it for my guests. But not fried, and will bake and will definitely decreased the amount of salt.

skirts, the amount thereof is not specified. It puts the taste of the cook. Store-bought ground beef was quite salty and I did not add salt and spices only.

twice already did that and put finely chopped mushrooms, bake in the oven and grill, without comments. Ate and asked for more :)

Natalie, I am very glad that the dish is liked and approved of the family!

It looks like Stefanie, only in miniature sizes ... But nevertheless will certainly be tasty.

Yes, something like roll *Stephanie*. Would be happy if you do and be happy.