Sponge cake Fantasy

Submitted by enr on 10 Jan 2012
500 g chicken meat (rabbit)
400 g minced meat
300 g sauerkraut
300 g or 150 g mushrooms sterilized
150 g processed cheese (shtafetka or triangles)
2-3 boiled carrots
spices to taste minced meat
15-25 strips bacon (depending on their width)
breadcrumbs for sprinkling
Sponge cake Fantasy
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Cut your meat chopped (may boil it in advance). Chop your cabbage finely and put it in a little fat stew, add the meat. Stew under cover until the cabbage is tender. Cut the mushrooms and stew them also in very little oil until soft (if you use sterilized them stew). In a bowl put the minced meat, chopped carrots and processed cheese, and add mushrooms and spices for mince and finally cabbage with meat and confusion nice mixture. Do not put salt because cabbage and bacon are savory. Arrange the bacon on the walls of cake shape and gently pour the mixture, squeeze nice to thicken the mixture and wrap with bacon. Sprinkle top with bread crumbs (thus forming a nice crust that was then on the cake). Put to bake for 30-40 minutes at 200C or until a nice crust baked on top. Serve after poizstinal order to cut nice. * I suppose pork will be tasty, but perhaps must first be cooked. * I did it with ready-cooked rabbit meat (harvested from boiled bones and ribs of the rabbit), which also choked with cabbage and minced meat rabbit. You can prepare the cake without mince. Optional after pulling it after firing can sprinkle it with grated cheese and bake it up. During the roasting oven because I Rahovets and is low at first it Peko about 20 minutes covered with top foil and then remove it to doopekoh baked crust. Enjoy your meal. * Thank Atanaska Goshkova a good idea.
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10 Jan 2012
the idea of ​​Atanaska Goshkova group on Facebook


I am impressed! In the first occasion, will necessarily try!

Bravo! Gorgeous recipe became a basic and appetizer!

photo is very beautiful and the recipe itself is very interesting!

Stefi taste was great, cabbage felt very slightly not so intrusive as if you cook and did my degustatur approve of dis .. will try it, however, with other meats, chicken and pork and bacon without will I put an egg in the stuffing for it seals see what happens ..

If no bacon and I will try it because missing here, but I think the key to this dish is bacon to cover it, thinking about fried eggplant instead of bacon but will combine eggplant with sauerkraut must to try ...

I only think to put this stuffing, mashed potatoes, mixed with sausage / mince, chicken or any other smoked / pickles, corn and a little cheese, but without it can if there is melted cheese :)

Steph Try it with eggplant and cabbage and cabbage suffocated him put some tomatoes, BABY try it will report wait-why I've baptized FANTASY, who loves anything with it to make it ..

Abe will become mom was even now go to Kaufland bacon that here around us there :)

bacon and sauerkraut combine very well, not to spoil the recipe with eggplant and cabbage will wait until sourced bacon!

very conceptual, will try!

I will try it tomorrow, but I need a little help. What spices you put in the Caymans?

gkostova04 you can use ready spices ... little secrets of fried meatballs or seasoned with paprika, fine parsley, pepper ... I almost always put a spoon of tomato paste ...

Spices to put the minced meat according to our preferences, I usually have ready spice mince like to add it to homemade savory and pepper.

Many thanks for the help. I put a little salt, pepper, paprika, dried garlic, cumin and savory. Was very tasty.