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Submitted by enr on 12 Jan 2008
800 g readymade dough
150 g feta cheese
150 g butter
2 eggs
5-6 tbsp flour
1 tsp salt
powdered sugar for sprinkling
Buns Mom
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With smeared with sunflower oil hands take the dough balls the size of a walnut and rank not too tightly in an oiled tray. Leave a hot down to rise and when they fulfill tray covered with sauce made from crumbled feta cheese, melted butter, beaten eggs, flour and salt. Bake in a warm oven at 200 C for 40 minutes. In presenting sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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12 Jan 2008


Super breakfast!

Very easy and delicious! :)

E dase grip and I breakfast is great

It looks delicious ... and you can in each ball to put a dab of cheese?

may, but need not, because the cheese topping is easy ... and very tasty.

They became very good. Do not use prepared dough and kneaded his own usually bread.

in the summer very very often do buns because they are very convenient to eat on the beach :) sometimes do them with gravy, sometimes not, but always put and Cheese inside.

Thank you reminded me this recipe. Children have long asked for buns and they love them. Top covered with yolk. Were wonderful!

The best thing happens when the dough is homemade. I tried to do with the bakery dough - became superb!

dough I made and received great buns. Thanks for the recipe :)

If you do buy a dough should just Familia. Other tests are not.

Cornelia, I am delighted with the recipe! :) :) :) I have prepared their own dough, and upload photos!

Bravo! Great buns and pictures are very nice. Glad you like ... you are *cheats buns* ... can not help but become :)

iris, how prepared dough?

Плетена cake - II type In this recipe, but with 400 ml milk.

Tonight, we're back in buns definitely become a favorite of the family! :)

are wonderful! I liked topping! I do not use ready-made dough (kneaded her). Buns are already favorites at home :)

This time have finished dough :) Fantastic are, do them often!

are wonderful! :)