Pita with milk

Submitted by enr on 05 Dec 2009
1 kg white flour
42 g fresh yeast
3 eggs
2-3 tbsp sunflower oil
200 ml milk
200 g yogurt
1 tbsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
# For spreads:
1 yolk
1-2 tbsp milk
# For decoration:
flour and water dough firmly
Pita with milk
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Yeast dissolved in 100 ml warm but not hot milk and add the flour to obtain not very dense mess. Add a pinch of sugar and 1-2. This will cause a rapid rising of yeast. Then sieved flour. Add dry ingredients and mix. Form a well in it and pour the eggs, 200 ml milk, 200 g of yogurt and the oil. Finally, add yeast and finished. Involved medium hard dough. Allow to rise until doubled in volume. Shaping it according to the will and imagination of the cook. I did so - the dough into three balls. One is placed in the center of the pan greased with butter. Second roll of sheet that was cut into 8 triangles. Each triangle is smeared with butter and rolled like a roll. The third form eight balls. The pita rises again, then dab with yolk and 1-2 tbsp milk and decorate own taste. To achieve quick and excellent result is good all products to be hot, even the court in which the dough rises. Bake in a preheated 200 C oven, after having flushed the temperature was lowered to 160 C.
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05 Dec 2009


very tasty cake! Congratulations to the recipe, Emmy!

Thank you for the nice words neli. mag. Glad you liked the cake. As for the little flowers, dough which is prepared only from water and flour. The decoration was then put leavening bread after reapply yolk to remain white in baking.

It is very beautiful. Congratulations Amy! :) In favorites.

lubopitka, thank you. In fact, I read a lot in the net until I decide how it formed to look appetizing. Eventually half that, and was very, very tasty.

cake is very tasty. I made a simple and put cheese inside.

If you put Cheese must have been delicious!

This is a variant of the same dough, but in the form of snails stuffed with cheese, eggs and oil. Top is shredded cheese.

xriskata, congratulations on the cake!

Very tasty cake. I also put Cheese.

Even today I will try. Great looks.

This bread I worked on it for a very good reason - baptism. :)

nice occasion and more beautiful cake!

It is an honor to hear positive opinion of a great chef. Thank you!

Wonderful baked, looks amazing. Congratulations!

zdraveite very intrigued me bread can you explain in detail how it completely shape first put all of one ball then triagalnitsite how you place them and the remaining eight balls for which I would be very blagodarnal

way of framing are many. The concrete, which is in the recipe is this: one of the three balls put her in the center of the baking pan. The other reel, dub oil and slice the 8 triangles. Triangles of buns. Arrange rolls around the ball in the center in the form of sun (one end of the muffin should point the ball in the center and one outer wall of the baking pan). I try to be evenly distributed. Between them remains distance remnant balls that work down the third part of the dough. I hope I have been helpful. :)

thank you very much

Zaarif888, thanks! Bread is very good reason - did her by the 90 th birthday of his grandfather. :)

It was very tasty! I put cheese and grated cheese on top, I think I will attend regularly at our table :) Thanks for the nice recipe!

I am VERY pleased with the recipe! The result is impressive: large and delicious cake thread!

This time I divided the dough into five balls. Each raztochih crust, brushed with melted butter, sprinkled with plenty of cheese. Sheet rolled up and evolved as pie. Top also sprinkled with cheese.

Once I tried this recipe about a year and a half for me no longer exists another on which to trust, fear that will not be as tasty cake. As they say all who have tried it: Master asks!

Hrisafi, I'm glad you like the recipe! I read what I wrote about almost four years ago (then still learning to make bread) and I saw a lot of things in the recipe are no longer bound by them. 1./ Put '20 fresh yeast.
2./ Mix liquid ingredients and add them to doses of flour sifted with salt.
5. Frame cake with oiled hands on greased desktop without using a rolling pin.
6. Pekka as follows: heat the oven to 100 C rise and put a greased loaf and then immediately increase of 170 C.
7. Immediately after removing the loaf daub it with oil.
These are things you learn over time. If the above rules, the result will be even better. Because one learns during his lifetime, most likely after four years (life and health :) there will be other details and quantities for amendment.

I have not made a delicious cake and a successful, Emmy! Thanks for the recipe, I will try new ways to describe. My grandmother taught me how to knead the dough when I was 16 - but the pastry without yeast, only water, salt, vinegar and oil. Her know that, pour the liquid ingredients into the well of flour, stir first finger carefully not to break the well. Yet in one direction. The dough is alive and wants something much love, to rise and bake well, and this recipe is a thread and knead very lightly. And for the holidays will try the recipe for your cake - I hope to boast with the result! Happy Easter!

Arkantus, your words warmed me, because not long ago I met someone who writes with such tenderness for the most sacred part of the human food - bread. Glad you like the cake! I wish you success with the cake and I hope that you will not forget to praise. :)

Hello Well, in terms of the new implementation of the cake, to which you come after a long period of trial and improvement, I'm now I'm just a 5 point where in a sense I decided to give it a flavor of butter after baking. This manual for kneading is still unknown art for me, but always striving to shape is different and not repeat what I enjoy. I also think that the dough is alive and over time come to understand his needs.

hrisafibg, I'm glad you find soulmates site who believe that the bread requires special treatment. It is sacred, which is not enough to observe the exact recipe, must be moisture and anything else you can not see and touch, but it certainly felt when go by bread in his hands. :)

Bravo, Emmy great recipe and bread is divine. Which was performed today about the beginning of my second child and licked his fingers over in seconds. I made it in the form of a flower as nice buttered individual wafers and after I pulled already baked it again covered with melted butter. Congratulations on shared-recipe remains to favorites)

Rose, you wonderful cake! Let health and joy accompany the children and your whole family! :)

Well, great bread! Can you share how her that formed 25/08/2013? Thank you in advance. Always admire your amazing creations. Reni

Reni, thanks for the kind words! * Glad you like the layout. I framed her on the following way:1./ I spent 5 balls the size of a small apple, I shaped them and put them in the middle of the baking pan. It is important to mention that the dose is double.
2./ Remaining dough divide it into five equal parts. Each part of January grind crust, sprinkle with melted butter, imposed after and do so with all 5 sheets. The last one standing at the top do not dub with oil.
5. The resulting layered pile cutting it into strips with a width of 3-4 cm. Obtained multilayer thin strips.
6. Each strip is twisted like a wick and binds to the nodule. Knots are arranged around the center of the loaf.
That's I hope my explanation is not very confused.

Well, thank you for the explanation. Keep still enthrall us with their beautiful and wonderful creations.

I did not have time to play with the design of the cake, but next time I will try! Excellent result! Thanks for the recipe!

Many thanks for the delicious recipe :)

Very tasty cake!

I did it with love for names my day!

Reni, happy name day on crutches! Be alive and well and has such beautiful cakes made! :)

Well, thank you heartily for the greeting! All to be alive and healthy and have more love and kindness among the people!

Bread for the birthday of my beloved husband Nicky! Made with love!

Reni is very beautiful! :)

Bobby, thank you! Always becomes divine taste! I often do with it.

Rennie, your cake is amazing! Love shows the beauty of the roast! Health and happiness you desire! :)

great basket.

became the perfect cake! Since the first time I thought cake that will not happen, but it became an ideal and taste and appearance. Only slowed degrees because my oven is quite strong. Thanks for the recipe!