Stewed rabbit in beer, in a bed of onions and carrots

Submitted by enr on 27 Feb 2009
1 rabbit
3 large onions
3 large carrots
3 cloves garlic
4 tbsp flour with tip
1 tbsp paprika
500 ml beer
3 sticks celery
sunflower oil
2-3 bay leaves
Stewed rabbit in beer, in a bed of onions and carrots
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For sofa - coarsely chopped onions and carrots cut into rings and sauté garlic in sunflower oil, as carrots to put the characteristic orange color. Once stifled gently add the celery and products are distributed evenly in the pan. sauce for rolling the pieces of rabbit - flour, paprika, 1 tbsp sunflower oil, black pepper, savory and a little beer, mix thoroughly until mixture slightly thicker than boza. pieces rabbit Add salt to taste, rolled in the mixture and arrange on a bed of steamed vegetables. In pan pour the rest of the beer and add the bay leaves. Tray screw with foil and dish sauté for about an hour and a half (depending on oven). Remove the fthe oil and bake for about 15 minutes.
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27 Feb 2009


I think in the stew will be very tasty straight will razkapva meat.

Yeah, sure: -)) makes me very angry that I could not pookrasya portion, I had no time, my guests and I were waiting in a hurry! Unique taste it!

A great recipe! Yesterday I made it, but I added olives and mushrooms.

Bravo for the nice recipe, I congratulate you. I do not eat rabbit, but no matter. The recipe is good!

On jugged hare put 1-2 1-2 bay leaves and allspice berries! Then even better stand the taste of stewed rabbit. But no taste mate :)

Well, of course that put a bay leaf, thanks for the note - I'm just failed to save it in the recipe. Otherwise, a second picture even seen twig with bay leaf - I put a home, many love it!

I love the comments tomorrow will try it!

Tasty happened Peko it in stew! Bravo!

Great recipe. Very tasty and easy to prepare with few products!

drew my attention this recipe and decided to prepare it. He is currently in the oven and smells delicious!

It is really delicious!

I am very glad that you liked the recipe!

Today I cook rabbit and this recipe I liked very nai

And with hare became, I have in the freezer?

Personally I with a rabbit I have not done this recipe ... I guess that will happen, but you will need to bake more.

it and hare, but use there marinate 244asa

Thank you for the delicious meal, became mnogooo tasty. But I grated carrot and grated 3-4 potatoes to the couch. Delicious meals

already the second time I'm doing and my guests were very pleased ... but now I'm doing a little rabbit Gert, how long should I bake it again-hour and a half you?

A few days ago I made this recipe on a rabbit and became uniquely delicious! A big thank you for the recipe, just became incredibly delicious! :)

Today rabbit prepared in this recipe and I was very pleased with the incredible taste of the dish.

Very good recipe! Personally it out vchera- all home ate with appetite! Edinstvenno added and potatoes.

Amazing recipe every time I hare so even now (again) will cook 1 pc. Thanks so much for the incredible recipe - easy and delicious :)

Really delicious recipe I also add potatoes as irage becomes very tasty, also use it for chicken which is a good substitute when you have at hand bunny.

again so cook rabbit and stay still dovolna- as I, and others. This time I added corn and krastavichki- became even more delicious

Wonderful recipe!

amazing recipe

bravo, really delicious recipe, you can present yourself to the friends

Very tasty became, well done! I did it in a pot, put onions and baby carrots. This is my favorite recipe!

Thank you for the nice recipe really amazing and delicious. Fast, easy delicious.

Very tasty way to prepare rabbit - THANK YOU :)

How many degrees bake?

and when garlic is added-in onions stew or then?

garlic stew with onions and carrots, as written in the recipe. Nothing prevents to put nezadushen and advance together with the meat. I Peko 220 degrees 1, 5 hours and then without foil for about 15 minutes.

Thank you, very nice happened!

was very tasty rabbit

Just do not put celery, but became great :)

Once again prepare the dish - big yummy :)

in my home do not like it!

Several times prepare the meal and my men home not only lick their plates, but fingers !! Today, instead of celery, put potatoes and get wonderful! Thanks for the recipe!

already in favorites after my husband approves it :)

It was a very good and my guests approved it. Will prepare him often. Only that it pre-marinated rabbit - soy sauce, 1. L. Savory, 1 onion sliced, 1-2 garlic cloves, 1-2 bay leaves, a few peppercorns and pour water enough to cover the meat and so leave it for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator. And then Paiute hour and a half of high heat and then another 30 minutes on low oven and became like a brain.