Tripe soup-On shkembedzhiynitsata * *

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2012
500 g tripe (at least 2 different types - pork, beef, lamb)
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
2 carrots
250 ml milk
250 ml water
1 garlic
100 ml vinegar
1 tsp salt
chilli optional
200 ml sunflower oil
Put shkembetata be cooked with water, milk and 1 pinch of salt until uvri - about 2-3 hours. Grater shredding carrots and onions and two cloves of garlic and fry them until the onions and carrots shrink. This is the secret, tripe soup is yellow and not red. Express onions and carrots. Add drained sunflower oil to boiled and chopped tripe. Head garlic chopped fine and mix with vinegar and salt and Serve separately.
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14 Jun 2012
a chef gave it to me after he got drunk, did not give her.


*Drain the onions and carrots* - is exactly what I do not understand. Whether to use oil and carrots / onions him out, or vice versa (carrots / onions to put them in the broth and oil to throw him)?

Carrots and onions fried just enough to give color and flavor and then removed. So oil becomes yellow and just put it in the broth.

A great recipe! Today I did the first-tripe soup and it was incredibly delicious, just the end of cooking I added a little pepper and paprika - became really like from shkembedzhiynitsa. Excellent from me and thank you shared it with us :)

Last night, for making it for the second time, only in fry of vegetables finally added a little paprika for color. The comments were - without a note :) Great recipe, thanks again!

Last night, again made it to the vegetables and finally added a few small hot pepper, and let it dovari with strained roux. With fried vegetables made tomato sauce for a side dish to fried meatballs. This is the best recipe for tripe-soup for me, again thanks to ledoiad, that has revealed the secret of the master *_