Chicken Bearnaise

Submitted by enr on 15 Aug 2011
500 g chicken
2-3 cloves garlic
50-60 ml white wine
1-2 tsp mustard
50 g smoked processed cheese
200 g cooking cream
salt, pepper and soy sauce to taste
Chicken Bearnaise
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Tenderloin cut, seasoned with salt and pepper and stew in fat. Add a little soy sauce, white wine and finely chopped garlic. Once ready, the chicken is removed in the same container with cream, processed cheese and mustard. Stir until a homogeneous sauce, to which may be added to the chopped parsley and rosemary. The sauce is poured over chicken nuggets. Optional dish is served with sautéed potatoes or another side dish of your choice. * The sauce that is made, is not typical Bearnaise, but the dish is called so.
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15 Aug 2011


Bravo, sounds appetizing and attractive. I guess scary tasty. The recipe I like very much, will try at all costs.

It is really very tasty. Still no picture, but do it again soon, will get;)

This is going very fast bearing in mind the small thermal processing required for chicken. Soon you will try it ..

It's quick - about 20 minutes and everything is ready. The sauce is about 2-3 minutes - you only need to mix the ingredients and it is :)

Half I would definitely approve :)

And the sauce? Just mix the ingredients and put a little on the stove? I read somewhere that sour cream is not cured. I apologize, but I am a beginner ...

We, of which I saw this recipe writes sour, but I used cooking - it is as sour is not liquid - at least the one that I used was. I made the sauce with this and get very well - so it is tested the result :) So and edited in the recipe to make it more clear :) In a pan / or other court / put cream, mustard, spices and stir the stove for a few minutes - about 5 minutes are sufficient enough to mix the ingredients - the sauce becomes slightly thick consistency, but can be diluted with a little milk :) But otherwise for sour cream, I have not read such a thing:? :) I hope I have been helpful, the recipe is very simple, so even if you are a beginner, I'll handle it;)

Tasty and quick meal - always a lot to like here. In no way inferior to that of *Happy* :)

Thank you very much :) Glad you liked it;)

At home you eat with gusto this dish :)

Thank you, Miroslava! I am glad that you have been supplied with delight and you liked the recipe. :)

sbt03, would you say of these products, how many servings go?

This amount typically takes 3 portions. Sauce out more, but mestse less. I hope to prepare this dish to share if you like. :)

sbt03, thanks! In the coming days I'm going to cook it, but you will need to increase the quantity of products. Will necessarily write! Just by watching the pictures I am convinced that we will enjoy it. Good night you wish!

Sveta, thanks for the recipe! At home like it was our tasty. My little sauce has become thick, but next time will be right.

Bobby, I'm glad you liked the recipe and you've eaten tasty! Thank you tell whether you liked the dish. The picture looks very appetizing. For me also the sauce becomes thick, but if you want to be more rare can dilute it with a little milk, I guess it would be well. :)

I do not know what expression to use for this dish! Much is yummy! These fries who recommended many approach the sauce and chicken. Bravo, very good proposal, sbt03! :)

Thank you, snow! I am very glad that you liked the dish. Thank you for your share and your photo - very appetizing is received. :)

We also liked our recipe. Served with onion rings and a very easy and tasty side dish of carrots. Used usually melted cheese triangles and put more cream - 500 ml.

Iliana very glad that you like the dish. :) I also use melted cheese triangles, although the recipe is not've written. Thank you for sharing results, and give an idea of ​​suitable furniture. :)

tasty Mnogooo get added the mushrooms, but forgot the mustard :) bravo for the recipe is super!

I'm glad you liked it! With mustard is slightly spicy and fragrant, next time to try it. :)

Sveta, congratulations for the recipe! Mnoogo delicious! I made a whole chicken, whichpreviously boiled and obezkostih. Increased sauce products and get double
very well.

Milka, I'm glad that the dish you like it! Recipe tolerate improvisation - other spices, can another type of cheese - as blue - I have not tried, but maybe will get better. :) At home for 3 servings enough for us, but to have more, should increase the products. :)

someone can tell me the difference between cooking and sour cream. Here with me and have a sour liquid, but if you tell me I will try to find a table. Below I read a comment that sour so is not subject to heat treatment, but a few times I used the cream they sell to us and not to produce good results. Thanks

Cook cream is a liquid and not sweet. Generally on the packaging pasta (macaroni, spaghetti). I personally rules sauce with sour cream on the stove and get plenty of good difference is that as cool, not thicken as a cooking cream.

clover, better use liquid unsweetened cream (often called here cream for cooking) is usually and oily liquid is not sweet. There are also animal cream that is used for cooking and confectionery, with a very high fat content is to be with her. A little more expensive in Bulgaria, but allegedly better quality.

Iliana, Svetlana thanks for answers will try and tell how it happened

Hello from me! I decided to try the recipe! Chicken became SUPERB! All home licking their plates: D

Thank you, Vicki! After such praise, can not but rejoice more! :)Happy Holidays to all!

I'll try it soon :)