Zucchini potato

Submitted by enr on 19 Jun 2011
4 zucchini
5 potatoes
4 cloves garlic
1 onion
2 tomatoes
1 pepper
sunflower oil, salt, dill
least some water
Zucchini potato
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Courgettes and potatoes are peeled and cut by for frying. Courgettes are salting, stay 10 minutes and rolled in flour. Grease the tin with sunflower oil and piecing zucchini, onion, garlic, dill, pepper, potatoes, as most top rank tomato rings. All flush with oil and a little water. The dish is covered with foil and baked 20 minutes at 180 C, then removing fthe oil and baked to leave a grease.
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19 Jun 2011


mmm sounds very tasty! and I want to ask foil baking required or can you do without it?

super great izkoshenie

suzi90az put foil to cook potatoes. I must clarify that I came up with this recipe after reading quite similar, I hate to fry zucchini and something I tightened laziness. Very tasty and easy

Because the winter season is not exactly kept my arrangement of vegetables :) Since I have frozen diced zucchini and tomatoes - canned, I went as follows. In the baking pan at the bottom arranged the peeled and sliced ​​potatoes. In a separate bowl choked onions, courgettes, peppers with a little salt and flour, then I spread them on the potatoes. Chopped garlic on top and sprinkled with dill and finally put the tomatoes on top and a little water ... the rest of the same foil baking without foil ... :) Thanks for the tasty vegetarian dishes!