Banana layered cake with chocolate and vanilla

Submitted by enr on 08 Mar 2009
3 ready bases (2 cocoa and 1 white or vice versa)
4-5 bananas
cream - chocolate and vanilla
strawberry syrup or strawberry compote
chocolate sprinkles for decoration
Banana layered cake with chocolate and vanilla
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Whitened first base with 1/5 of syrup and smeared with cream depending on the base - if cocoa - chocolate, white - with vanilla. Put thinly sliced ​​banana slices side by side on slathered with cream base. The second base put 2/5 of syrup and again smeared with cream as the base. This time put banana slices in 1 cm. Distance from one another. The third base bananas are optional - optional for decoration, mazhem with 2/5 mazhem syrup and cream. Spraying chocolate cream on sticks.
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08 Mar 2009


Looks great! To favorites! Bravo, Gigi!

Gigi, and I loved it :) Soon we will do.

's probably a creamer in the recipe? I do not like, tastes like soap. I would use liquid or whipped cream.

Ami ... ivka, a matter of taste! I rather use creamer, and I do not think it tastes like soap.

contributors Thanks a lot for your kind comments! What I think happens with any cream. As already mentioned a matter of taste ..

Well, I liked this cake Bravo to you Dimitrova99 :)

Quick, easy and delicious!