Beer chicken

Submitted by enr on 07 Oct 2008
1 chicken (about 700 g)
125 g butter or margarine
250 ml beer
Beer chicken
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Sweep chicken cut into portions, sprinkle with salt and black paprika and ranks in the pan. Pour on the butter pieces and pour the beer. Bake in a hot oven until browned.
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07 Oct 2008


Ina, do not know if you tried, but I add and potatoes and gets very tasty dish!

No, I have not tried, but I will be delicious.

I also I have baked potatoes and became great, especially fries absorb the sauce on the chicken and beer.

Superb ...

I've even put his Pikantina chicken and becomes even more delicious.

I did it, but he put less oil used for broiler and they tlastichki and sprinkled with a little magic, magical taste ... Over quickly, but I managed to try it - it's great!

Today I will try again because the last time I tried it was very tasty all my family liked it - well done.

I tried it with chicken legs, potatoes and Pikantina. Was very tasty! Thank you!

I do it several times already - we already a favorite! I think next time it Sprinkle with a little garlic powder.

I also I did a few days ago and it was pretty maznichko, maybe with a little butter.

Good for you for a tasty beer chicken, although the two images are different chickens :)

Many times I have rules put vegeta and whole unpeeled garlic cloves. Indeed, oil is a lot.

And I liked the recipe. I think some day it cooked in clay casseroles. Whether you become a better right to do it in a pot?

Galle in clay casseroles dishes are very tasty, so do not hesitate. And report the outcome. Good luck!

At the moment it roast, put his masaltse, vegetable seasoning for dishes and soups Pikantina and spice chicken Dion, smells superb, I'm sure it will be incredible to taste! Will garnish potato with cream (recipe again from this site)

Mary, I hope you like it and you!

For a long time we do it, and each time it prvazhodno.

Vesi really becomes very tasty. This is one of the old, time-tested recipes.

instead of beer put wine and lemon balm Reza becomes unique

very favorite meal. Often prepare. My family loves it.

Yule, I'm glad that you have decided to try it and you like the result! :)

This recipe now our favorite and henceforth chicken with potatoes in the oven will always be made on this recipe. The only thing I changed the small quantities of beer instead of 250ml. I put 400ml., since I put some chicken quite potatoes. Finally, there was little else sauce baking pan and was not at all greasy, as I was until now fat and water.

Easy and delicious recipe. And I do it with beer, as an oven, and with oil only when with fries - a little more noble taste. Only chicks you put mazninka. I've tried and wine, but becomes a little Zilavka. Chicken - with beer as suggested boss Manchev. :)

ttsvetii, very glad that this recipe you liked the! :)

CVETETO3101, rights for oil really gets a good taste, but if the chicken is fat, the amount of oil can be reduced.

Cook it for you do not know which way, but the most delicious dark beer with it, I think. Added a mix of Arabic spices. Quite changed the recipe, but definitely worth it :)

retrosic_, used the idea according to your view, which makes me very happy! Important to you is delicious! :)

tillia - you're absolutely right! :) And for beer recommend (albeit pricey and still have it) dark *Guinness*! Hello! :)

Very tasty obtained. Goes to favorites.

Stella, I'm glad that you liked the old this recipe! :)

Last night it baked, added a savory and a little cayenne pepper to spices, an onion of crescents and fries Board of vkusnai already tried this easy recipe :) I put pieces of butter between the meat and potatoes to melt in beer . Excellent from me!

Dorothea, contributed to enriching the recipe with your conception of preparation! Glad you like it! :)